Rimmel London Lipsticks | The Only 1

Lipsticks are something that I enjoy trying out, generally keeping my shade range mostly neutral or soft pinks. Although I like wearing deeper shades occasionally, when I wear anything on my lips I don't stray too far away from my comfort zone. 

A while back I picked up two Rimmel lipsticks from their 'The Only 1' range. Pretty Penny and Mauve-ment are the two shades I purchased. Both lipstick have a smooth and creamy formula. Pretty Penny is my favourite of the two as the colour is more flattering against my skin tone. I would describe this shade as a nice pink with a hint of soft coral in it. This is a great wearable shade for everyday. Mauve-ment has a slightly more dusty pink tone to it, which is pretty but almost too light for my personal liking. It isn't a big deal though because I just apply a little less and blend it with my finger to balance it out. 

When I first started wearing these I quite liked how they appeared on my lips, not dry, cracky or streaky. And even though they didn't last ALL day they did seem to wear nicely. However, when I've tried wearing them recently I've noticed that as they wear they become a bit patchy. I never noticed this before and cannot quite figure out whether I've been doing something different or if it's just always been like that. I still wear these often though because the issue is easily fixed by simply patting the product with my finger. However, if you'd rather not pat the product in every once in a while I would skip these. I would keep in mind that I do not have any high end lipsticks to compare to, though I still can see whether I like the product or not. 

These lipsticks also have a scent that isn't too subtle, but I actually really like the smell of them. It isn't evident after a little while unless you press your lips to your nose (yes I've done that just to smell the lipstick!) But if scent is an issue for you then this may be something to keep in mind. Let's talk about the packaging. I like the simple black packaging with the strip of colour. The lipstick shades all have names on the bottom and that's always nice. The lid is sturdy and I'm not worried about it coming off if I bring it with me in my purse. 

Overall, I do like these lipsticks and I would probably try a few more shades. Even though they aren't the perfect lipsticks, they are affordable and do a decent job for me. Have you tried these? Or do you have any lipstick recommendations?

Nail Polish Declutter!

Nail polishes are something that I started to enjoy 'collecting' way back before I even started high school. I didn't necessarily have a major obsession with nail polish but I did enjoy having different colours to choose from. As someone who has always liked organising, writing lists and all that good stuff, decluttering things I don't need anymore has become routine to me. Decluttering is a great way to sort out all your things, some areas such as clothes are harder to tackle than something like nail polishes (at least in my case, but that could be different from someone else!) To be honest, I do these quite regularly so I don't have an overwhelming amount of nail polishes to begin with, but still more than I use so it's time to go through and sort them out.

Current nail polish collection.

Things I look for in nail polishes I should give away or throw out...

1. If the polish is older and has changed in texture or smell. If it has become a bit goopy or difficult to work with I will toss it out.

2. Is it a colour I would wear? The shades of nail polish that I would wear now are slightly different to ones I would wear before. I still have nail polishes from a few years back that I have tried recently and decided that I don't see myself wearing it in the future. If I simply am no longer a fan of the shade but the polish itself is fine, I'll see if one of my sisters want to take it. 

3. Is there much product left? There comes a point to where the brush doesn't quite reach the last bit of product, which makes it difficult to get enough on there and that makes it harder to work it. In this particular round of nail polish decluttering my all time favourite polish Soul Sessions by Rimmel has been used so much that it is almost finished and time to purchase a new one. 

Nail Polishes I am no longer keeping.

The nail polishes that I am no longer keeping are either old and have become odd in texture, or I just don't wear them. Most of the Essence polishes are a few years old and although they were great (especially for the affordable price) I just haven't found myself wearing them. The Natio polish in Kashi (I've written a post about it here) is actually very nice, but the lid broke and is just sitting on top (I ended up spilling this on my carpet right after taking photos when I picked it up from the lid forgetting it was broken!) 

Keeping: (Left to right) Celeb City, First Blush, White Tip, Brick Wall.
I can see that I tend to stick to light pinks, neutrals and I also have one darker red shade from Sally Hansen in Brick Wall. This shade is absolutely gorgeous and is the only red nail polish that I find flattering on me. In this little nail polish decluttering round I got rid of 8 and kept 11, some quite similar in colour. I thought I would keep Celeb City for when I play around with patterns or floral nail looks, I don't really ever do that but just incase!

Keeping: (Left to right) Caramel Cupcake, Nebline, Petal.

Caramel Cupcake is very similar to Soul Sessions, but the formula is a bit different and although I really love this shade, Soul Sessions is slightly easier to work with. The Maybelline polish in Nebline is more of a brighter pink for when I want a more fun colour. I will say that I rarely wear it but because it's getting into summer I see myself wearing this at the beach!
Keeping: (Left to right) English Rose, Blushed Petal, Regal Rose,  I care for you.
English Rose is one of the Essence polishes I decided to keep because I still like the colour and the texture is still good. Blushed Petal from Sally Hansen is perfect for a natural put together look. It is sheer but can be built up. I generally wear this when I feel like a slight neutral colour for healthy looking nails. Regal Rose is actually shimmery, which I didn't realise until putting it on. It is a pretty colour that I occasionally wear, though I don't often wear shimmery shades. Last I have another Essence polish in the shade I care for you. This one is also a bit sheer but still more noticeable. It is a cute pastel pink shade that I really like. 

So that was my latest nail polish declutter. I think I could get rid of the Maybelline Nabline but want to try wearing it a bit more to see. I hope you enjoyed this post, personally I loooove reading decluttering and collection posts!

University Thoughts & November Goals ❀

Good morning lovely! Over the past few months I've been having many thoughts about my life, things I'm uncertain about and the direction that I'm heading in. I know everyone goes through these moments at different stages and recently this has been me. It isn't the first time and will very likely not be the last, but as of right now there are some things that have been taking up a lot of space in my mind. Like my current uni course. I posted at the beginning of the year that I had got into my first preference at uni and that it was a Bachelor of Interior Design. I thought this would be the perfect course for me, I've always been interested in designing homes and commercial spaces. Even as a child I would be sitting and drawing up floor plans, maybe not to scale but that doesn't matter.

Growing up I had so many different aspirations, the main one was acting. Being an actress was always the number one career in my mind. Though I seemed to always have two things I wanted to do, acting and something else that kept changing. There was a time where I wanted to be a hairdresser, a journalist, an architect, an author, filmmaker, office lady (my very young childhood goal hahaha), flight attendant, and the list goes on. Something that I really felt like would be a great career for me was a clinical psychologist. This was something I became very interested in from early high school. At the end of grade 12 I was tossing up between working towards being a psychologist and an interior designer. But because of the never-ending headache I was also considering not doing university at all. I ended up going with interior design and for a long time I was very happy with my decision. 

Like I said earlier, I have been having second thoughts on my life in general and what I want to do. I have lost my passion for interior design and have not enjoyed studying it. There has only been one unit that I very much enjoy and that is Interior Tech. This is the unit where we learn to how to draft technical drawings and they need to be exactly precise. It is the most technical unit but also the most relevant. To those who think a career in interior design is picking pillows and curtains, that is not all all the case. If the course was more like this unit  think I would enjoy it more. But the other units have been far to 'fluffy' for me, so conceptual to the point where you are not marked on your work, but you as a person. It's conceptual in the sense that it doesn't matter how you justify it, they can argue it however they wish because there is no set criteria if that makes any sense. The tutors are inconsistent in their feedback and it is quite frustrating. When I first started having second thoughts I pushed all the negative aspects aside and decided to just push through. But I am honestly not sure if I even want a career in interior design. I didn't want to drop out because I didn't know what else I wanted to do. With having pain 24/7 it was difficult to decide whether I wanted to continue with uni, even in a different course. I have been feeling very lost in life and stuck in a place where  don't want to be.

After a lot of thinking and consideration, meeting with different people for advice and a few meltdowns, I now have a better idea of what I am going to do. I know that I will not be continuing with my current interior design course. I am finishing this year however so that I have some credit. Over the long break I hope to declutter my mind and figure out what I will do next year. I am applying to do a Bachelor of Justice at the same university, if I pass my current units I can have them auto credited (not entirely sure what this means but that is what I have been told). I may defer a semester, or choose to study part-time. I have long break to think about it all. 

Goals for November

♥ Enjoy working at my new job. 

♥ Continue being active - I find that being active is great for managing anxiety too!

♥ Declutter - I have some serious decluttering to do, which will also help with decluttering my mind.     I'll start with something small, like nail polishes, then I'll do clothes etc. 

♥Read a good book - I haven't read a good book in such a long time and to be honest haven't felt like reading since doing English back in high school. I really lost interest in reading during the last year of high school and it just recently came back! I'm currently reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and oh my god it's got me hooked!

♥And of course blog more - I'd love to know if this kind of post is too long or written in a way that's not engaging. Or maybe you like this style? 

Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist

I'm not usually a huge eyeshadow girl, if I even wear any it's generally just a wash of colour over the lid. I do have a few eyeshadow products but recently I've been wanting to purchase just one beautiful palette that I can use every day. For a while now I've been online and in stores checking out different eyeshadow palettes to see which one is right for me. At the moment I have a few on my list but I'll be narrowing it down to hopefully just one. If you own or have tried any of these I would absolutely love to know what you think of them. 

Personally I like more neutral shades, though I also don't mind colours that are slightly burgundy. At the moment I have a couple of Essence single eyeshadows that aren't bad at all, and The Nudes by  Maybelline eyeshadow palette. This palette isn't bad, I like the shades in it but I do find them a bit difficult to blend and am sure that if I were to compare to other palettes I could find something nicer. 

So for this post I've put together a few of the eyeshadow palettes that have definitely caught my attention. 

This eyeshadow palette has always been an item that I've found really pretty, but I just couldn't justify spending $69AU on makeup. As much as I enjoy makeup, I don't exactly allocate a huge budget for it. Recently though I've been looking at purchasing just one nice palette that is worth it. I adore the packaging on this one but more importantly I think the colour selection is just beautiful. I also like the original Tartelette but I've read mixed reviews on that one.

This one looks like the perfect everyday palette for me. I love using matte eyeshadows and rarely ever put any kind of shimmer on my eyes. However, I'm not opposed to the idea of trying out something new so shimmer isn't necessarily a definite no. But for those who have used this palette I would love to know your thoughts on the quality. I've read great reviews for this one. This one is $65AU.

This mini eyeshadow palette seems to have a good selection of everyday shades. Neutral, matte and easy to travel with packaging are all great features for me personally. This palette is $52AU so the most affordable of the ones I've mentioned, though there is definitely a difference in the amount of product and shades. Personally I don't mind too much.

The Lorac palettes are just gorgeous and if I'm entirely honest I would most likely have gone for one of these if I knew where to get them in Australia! I have no idea where to find these so they don't really count. BUT I thought I would include them anyway. 

I'd be super interested to hear your thoughts and experiences with any of these palettes, or if you have another eyeshadow product that you recommend definitely leave it in the comments! If you have a post on any eyeshadow palettes feel free to leave the link below too! xx

Elizabeth Arden ♡ Body Cream

Hey lovelies! It's been far too long since I last posted on my blog and oh my god have I missed it! I'm going to be honest and say that I have been putting my blog further and further down on my priority list since uni has been taking up so much of my time. I have been thinking over my decisions with uni and I may very well be writing a post on that in the near future. But instead of rambling on about that today, I will be sharing with you my all time favourite body cream. I have mentioned this Elizabeth Arden body cream on my blog before in my 2016 May Favourites. The first time I ever tried this was Christmas 2015 when my sisters and I each received a tub from our grandparents. Before trying this cream I absolutely hated applying moisturiser on my body because they were just too darn sticky. It's so humid where I live that I never really felt the need to use one anyway. BUT this product so quickly changed how I felt about moisturising my body. I did start using this when I was still in Norway, so my skin was much drier than usual and could definitely have used some nourishment. 

When I finished my first tub I couldn't find this product anywhere, at all. I did try some other body lotion type products but I just didn't like them as much as I enjoyed using this one. It was a few months before I discovered they sold them at Meyer, unfortunately they never had them in stock. But one day I saw that they had two tubs sitting on the counter, I honestly was so happy to see them in stock and ended up getting both, one for myself and I gave the other to my mum since she also loved it. It was $25 for a 500mm tub which I thought was awesome. I was expecting it to be a fair bit more pricey because it was that good. Of course expensive isn't always better, but it was cheaper than what I thought it would be (bonus for me!) 

The things that stand out to me about the Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream is the gorgeous scent and how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Firstly, the scent is so fresh and does linger on the skin but not overpoweringly. Secondly, the cream itself doesn't feel tacky at all once absorbed, and I find that it sinks in faster than most other body products I have tried. I have also tried the lotion version of this but the cream is so much nicer in my opinion. My skin just feel super smooth after using this, definitely a staple during the colder months even though I still use it during summer (not as much though). 

For future posts I've been wanting to write about life related situations. I have lost a bit of motivation with a lot of things I used to enjoy including my course! I would be interested to know whether you guys would rather read beauty related posts, life (maybe questions, advice, decisions and other things) or a mix? I enjoy writing but I have felt a bit uninspired to write about makeup for a bit of time. I think maybe I've just had a long moment of disinterest but it's slowly coming back. I'd still like to branch out and write about different topics whilst still doing my 'usual' posts. 

Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to leave a link to your blogs as I enjoy reading them!

Frank ♡ Body!

Ever since I saw the Frank Body Coffee Scrub all over Instagram I've been curious to try it. But in all honesty I never got around to it and I felt that it would be another one of those overhyped products that is really average. Well, not too long ago when I was in Mecca I decided to try this scrub. I went for the Coconut Coffee Scrub, there was also a peppermint, a cacao and the original. I just picked based off which scent I liked best. Because I ended up falling in love with this scrub I went back and bought the Creamy Face Scrub, and then I also went back to get the Glow Mask! Frank Body is Australian made and owned, it's also vegan for those who like vegan products!

"Turn your shower into a nudie beach with my Coconut Coffee Scrub. Nut-free, natural and smells just like a beach holiday - minus the sand in your pants."
A while back the Frank Body Coffee Scrub was everywhere on Instagram, I was constantly seeing immense hype around how amazing the scrub was. Although it did interest me, I just didn't think that I needed it. Now that I've actually tried it (the coconut version), I can most definitely say that this is one of those things I see myself repurchasing many times. Not because I feel that I will run out quickly, but because I genuinely love it. I've used this body scrub several times now and am very pleased with it. The only thing that may be an issue for some is that it can get a bit messy. For me that's not a problem as I just rinse down the coffee grinds during my shower. Basically I just do my normal shower routine, and after cleansing/washing my body I'll turn off the shower and grab half a handful of the scrub and just start scrubbing away. I use circular motions as I've read that helps with blood circulation. While I do this I let my conditioner sit too so that it has a good amount of time to do it's thing. Then I'll rinse everything off and feel super smooth. Also this smells sooo good. What I did notice is that the small bumps on my upper arms were much smoother. This scrub has roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and jojoba beads, there's a full ingredients list on their website as well. I have noticed that my skin feels a bit more plump, if that makes sense. Not insanely so, and I do think it's a mix of this scrub and working out. But still noticeable. 
"Babes just can't say 'no' to a tough guy with a soft side. Like your ex, I get your blood pumping and make you feel fresh so you always come back for more. See me twice a week to scrub away dry, dead skin and bad dates." 
A good face scrub is something that I was missing in my skincare routine. I do have the St. Ives Green Tea scrub but it's so gentle that I use it as a daily face wash instead (it's very nice though!). So because I did like their body scrub so much, I thought I would try something else from their range and went with this. This doesn't smell like coffee, I mean it does scent like coffee beans but when I think of a coffee smell I think of a latte. It's a creamy sort of consistency with a fair bit of grit to it. This did make me a bit nervous incase it was too harsh for my sensitive and acne prone skin. But I didn't have any sort of negative reaction, it was actually very effective at getting rid of those dry skin flakes (which I had a little bit of this dry winter). I try to use this around twice a week but have found myself using it three times a week. This has roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, white clay, reship oil, coconut, grapeseed and sweet almond oils. Again they have the full ingredients list on their website and what they claim to do. 

Glow Mask $21.95
"A quick, morning mask for when you wake up with puffy, pillow face. Pop me on for 5 minutes of intense moisture that really satisfies. Glow on, I dare you."
The most recent product I purchased is the 5 minute Glow Mask. I think I've now had this for just under a month, maybe a bit longer. I read that a lot of people loved it, saying it smelled like frosting but on your face. This I do agree with. I think it smells so good I'm tempted to eat it, but my younger sister didn't like the smell. Anyway, I really like using this when my skin is dehydrated (always), especially if my skin is dry and is obvious when I'm wearing makeup. The other week I applied my face makeup and everything just clung to my dry patches, so I removed it, cleansed again and used this 5 minute mask. I reapplied my makeup and it actually went on so much smoother. I like to focus on a smooth base because my skin is what I struggle with. None of these products have made me break out either. So this mask is a definite favourite!

Have you tried anything from Frank Body? Let me know in the comments if they worked for you and what else you'd like to see on my blog! xx

Maybelline Haul!

Hello lovely! I haven't posted on my blog in what feels like too long, I just recently started my second semester at uni and already fell behind a bit so I did let my blog slip down on my priority list. I've still been reading many blogs and discovering some beautiful new ones even though I haven't been posting on my own. But today I am back and am super excited to share a few things I bought at Priceline as they had half price on the entire Maybelline range! (Just quickly I thought I would ask if any of you have any idea how to get rid of that grey tinge in white photos? I've been searching up and can't seem to figure out how to fix it.)

I decided to try the Dewy + Smooth version of this foundation as I have already tried and liked the Matt + Poreless one. I got the shade Classic Ivory which is a perfect match on my current skin tone. I was really looking forward to trying this as my skin has been quite dry recently, so of course I opened it up right after taking these images and used it with today's makeup. I used a damp beauty sponge to apply it then set it with my Maybelline Fit Me powder. So far so good. It hasn't clung onto any dry patches and is very comfortable to wear. I've had it on for less than an hour so I'm not sure how it'll wear throughout the day, but as of now I'm quite liking this foundation.

As I mentioned, I have already tried this foundation and for the most part I liked it. I find that this is something that happens with any foundation or concealer that I try, I will like it and then one day it'll just look odd. Then I'll like it again. So at the moment I am in the 'liking' stage of this foundation. I decided to go one shade darker with this one and purchased the shade Creamy Beige. I have yet to try this particular shade but I'm hoping it's not too dark on me, if so it'll be great in summer anyway. I think the reason why I stopped enjoying this foundation previously is because it's quite light and didn't cover my breakouts that I was getting. But of course I don't really expect it to. Both the Fit Me foundations are light to medium coverage so I enjoy using them for a natural day look. 

This concealer has been very much hyped up within the beauty world. That's why I ended up buying it a while back and to be honest I was disappointed. But I think I had some magical expectation due to how amazing everyone claimed it was. I stopped using it for a while then tried it again, and to my surprise I did end up liking it. So when I saw it was half price I thought I would pick up another one since it's been over a year (I think) since I last tried it. This time I didn't have that major expectation, I think this product is slightly better than the average concealer, it blends nicely and for me that's more important than coverage. I will say that when I first tried this I was completely new with makeup and didn't know the different ways to apply it. Overall, it is a nice concealer hence why I repurchased it.

My last post was actually a full review on this product which you can read here. I saw this and thought I'd grab another one while it was on sale. Though when I got back home I realised that I had a lot more product left than I thought. 

So this is a product I've been thinking about getting for years. I just never picked it up, or I did and then put it back. I really don't know why I always did this. I tried this under my foundation this morning and so far I can't really fault it. Again, I haven't worn it for long so I can only speak for my initial thoughts. There isn't really a scent which is good. The consistency is gel like and glides smoothly onto the skin. I focused this product on and around my nose, chin and forehead, then just spread whatever was left on the rest of my face. The pores on my nose were a bit less noticeable but not completely gone. I'm not amazed but I'm not disappointed yet, so if I don't break out more than I already am I will be pleased with this product hahah. 

I have used their waterproof version of this mascara and although I love it, I don't like removing waterproof mascara. So I thought I would get the non waterproof version and it's pretty similar. It makes my eyelashes look naturally defined. The wand isn't anything special but seems to work wonders for me. This is not a mascara for those who want big dramatic lashes. Because I already have long black lashes, I just want something that'll enhance them without looking unnatural. Everyone's makeup preferences are different but if you want soft, feathery and defined lashes then this is great. Again, it's definitely on the natural looking side but perfect for casual day wear. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Have you tried any of these products?