Pet Peeves!

Hi again! Such a long time since I've written a post! Very sorry about that, so much school assessments, then training and all these other things have gone on in my life. I also adopted a tiny little kitten! I will post photos soon!

Anyways, into the pet peeves. Okay, so I'm one of those people that can get annoyed kind of easily depending on who it it. Does that make sense? Like two people can be doing the same thing but it's more annoying from one particular person. It's like that with my sister, I can't tolerate little things she does because it's like she's trying super hard to annoy me.

1. First pet peeve, when people make noises while eating. Ugh this is one thing that gets me very agitated. My sister does this ALL the time and it gets on my nerves haha.

2.When people breath loudly it's a little bit annoying but not as annoying as number 1.

3. When people talk over you. This one bothers me heaps! When people talk over others it's just simply rude.

4. I don't know if this is just me but I get frustrated when I see like a clump of chords on the floor in my room. It looks so messy! aha.

5. Clutter frustrates me too, especially if I can see it before i go to sleep. I have to clean it before I sleep. Gosh I'm OCD haha.

6. This doesn't happen often but sometimes when you're listening to music with someone they never finish a whole song.

7. I hate having a great song stuck in my head but having no idea what so ever who sings it or what it's called.

8. This one is something that sometimes gets me sort of angry. Okay, so at school we have to do homework on our weekends from multiple subjects and each teacher doesn't consider that we have other homework, not just theirs. It's also our weekend, we don't want to do more school work unless it's an assignment. So anyways, we have to do their homework. But when it comes to marking our work they say "I have 5 other classes to mark." or any other excuse. Don't get me wrong, there are some great teachers who don't do this. But the majority of teachers I know do exactly this.

Okay so those are 8 of my pet peeves. I decided to stop it there because I could feel a HUGE school rant coming haha. Might possibly post one someday.

Hope you guys all liked my post!

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~Sophie xx

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