10 Summer Dresses

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! This is actually a post from my old blog and was the most popular post. In Australia it's winter right now but I know that it's summer in other places around the world and thought it might still be interesting to have a read for some of you. :)

I went online and searched for summer dresses just to browse a bit and found some very pretty dresses. I thought that I should make a whole blog post on it because it's fun and if you like any of these dresses you can click the link to it.
Also, these dresses are pretty in my opinion and if you don't like them that is totally fine, but please do not comment negative things. Thank you :)
All of these dresses are from target.

(None of these photos were taken by me)

These are in no particular order :)

1. So this first dress is a very pretty dress which I think is suitable for for a casual day and a kind of more fancy summer evening. I love how the black top part goes very well with the nicely colourful patterned bottom part. 'This breezy strapless maxi from Hot Options is a great summer addition to your wardrobe. Featuring a tie belt with bead detail and scarf print.'

2.  This dress I think is very cute and would be very nice to wear in town, at the beach or a special occasion. 'A stylish dress that is great for a special occasion. Featuring a quilted sweetheart bodice, adjustable straps and an pleated empire waist.' 

3. This 3rd one is a very beautiful dress which I adore. I would wear this to a nice event especially during the evening. I really like the black with pretty pinks and purples. 'A stylish dress that is great for a special occasion. Featuring a quilted sweetheart bodice, adjustable straps and a pleated empire waist.'

4. This 4th dress I thought was quite cute although I'm not too sure that it would look nice on me.I really do like the peachy colour and how it is a simple dress with a lace texture and a simple ribbon around the waist. I think this would look nice for a casual day out. 'Piping Hot brings you the perfect dress that is great for a day out shopping or to wear over your bathers for the beach. The crochet style has a tie waist with bead detail and shoestring straps.'

5. This neutral coloured dress is very pretty and would look great at the beach, casual day and depending on how you wear it maybe even fancy. 'Have some fun with this strapless dress. With an all over paisley print and elastic waist, the flowy hi-low hem is a stand out!'

6. This lovely dress is a medium length white dress with nice blue patterning on it. I think that this dress is very cute and would be great for a casual day out or can maybe be fancied up depending on how it is worn. I would personally love to buy this dress because this is the type of dress that fits nicely on my body. 'A pretty floral print sundress from Hot Options. Featuring an exposed front zip, 
adjustable straps and plaited belt. Wear with flats and accessories for a chic look.'

7. I actually tried on this dress the other day in the shops and it looks really nice. I think that it would look great with a belt around the waist. 'A feminine and elegant dress from Hot Options. Featuring a fun floral pattern and hi-low styling, it can easily be dressed up or down.'

8. This next dress is a nice feminine dress which I think would look great on a hot summer day in town or at the beach. 'A full length maxi dress with a ruched elastic bodice. Strapless design allows for a great fit that is stylish as well as comfortable.'

9. This is a nice dress that is dark with bright and colourful prints. I think this is a great choice for a summer dress. 'Have some fun with this strapless dress. With an all over floral print and elastic waist, the flowy hi-low hem is a stand out!'

10. This last dress is a dress which I would wear at the beach or at a casual day out. I really like the lace texture and the simple ribbon around the waist. A very cute dress I think. 'Piping Hot brings you the perfect dress that is great for a day out shopping or to wear over your bathers for the beach. The crochet style has a tie waist with bead detail and shoestring straps.'

One thing that everyone should remember is that clothing all depends on how you wear it. Sometimes something looks very nice hanging on a rack, but when you try it on it doesn't look all that good. But other times, something can look not nice on a rack but when you try it on it looks great!

I really hope you like this post as it took ages and I hope you all have a great day!
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Little Maisy

Hello again! Today I'm sharing a couple more photos of little Maisy my kitten like I said I would. Yesterday she was nice and content lying on my super soft and comfortable overthrow. It was the perfect background to take some photos and so I did.

Aww so cute! I love how her whiskers are perfect for her face :)

Ah, sometimes a photo just needs a wink ;)

So not a long blog post today, just a couple of photos but thats okay! :D
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New Kitten!

Hey there! I did say in one of previous posts that I had recently adopted a kitten and would post photos. So that's what I'm doing today! We got her at around 7 weeks. However, mum and I think that she looked a little younger than what they said. She's very healthy and active and extremely funny too. We've had cats before and absolutely adore them! Due to moving from Switzerland to Australia we couldn't bring him with us :( Then after a few years living in Australia we got a cute little black kitten who spent many years with us (and had some kitten who we had to give away sadly) before she disappeared. I don't know what happened to her but we were devastated. I was so upset for months as I was so attached to her and missed her very much.

I missed having her around to cuddle and take care of so after a few years I really wished for another kitten. Mum finally gave in because they were too cute and we went a adopted this little one! :D

Deciding on a name for her took a while because I wanted it to fit her. We came up with a bunch of different names then came down to three. Truffle, Katniss, and Maisy. I ended up choosing Maisy and am so glad I did because it fits her perfectly! 

She's so hyper right before I go to sleep. She jumps from one wall to an other in the matter of seconds then stumbles. Its quite funny to watch actually haha.

More on Maisy soon! Let me know what kind of posts you would like to see in the future.

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Stunning Sunset

Brrr, cold morning today in Australia. Drinking tea and watching my all time favourite TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  :)

Today I thought it was definitely time for a photography post as I haven't done one in a while. I love when I go out to take pictures and I actually get one which I am happy with. I aspire to be a professional photographer one day but for now I intend to have fun with it, get a little experience with lighting and settings. A little while ago I went up to the lookout at the perfect time for sunset pictures and was very excited to actually get some nice photos. Here's my favourite one! :D

You can expect lots more photos of nature in the future on this blog. But if you would like to see more you can visit the photography tab on the top of this blog, or you can visit my Facebook page which I use to share my other photos. https://www.facebook.com/sophieisabellaphotography?ref=hl

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NIVEA Hand Cream Intense Nourishment

Hello amazing people! As the colder months are hitting Australia I've found that my skin has become drier, especially on my hands. I've tried quite a few different creams and products in the past and none have really been what I'm looking for. They either felt sticky, way to thin, way to thick, or didn't do anything at all. About a week ago I picked up this NIVEA hand cream and have been using it everyday since. I am very impressed with how smooth and hydrated my hands feel after using it. I think it was about $4.95 at Coles, I've also seen it at Priceline and Target, you can purchase it just about anywhere.

On the back it states, "This rich hand cream with Macadamia oil strengthens the skin's protection barrier whilst keeping your hands and cuticles smooth and soft."

"Our NIVEAQuality promise:
 - Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
 - Ingredients carefully selected according to strict quality standards.
 - This hand cream is free of colorants, ethyl alcohol and animal-dirived   ingredients."

I love the texture of this hand cream, it's neither too thin or too thick, just perfect. It has a really nice scent as well, but it's not strong and over powering. This hand cream isn't one that stays sticky on you hands for a long time, it sinks in very quickly.

I would definitely recommend this hand cream if you are looking for something to smooth and hydrate your skin. I would and definitely will repurchase this when I run out.

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