New Kitten!

Hey there! I did say in one of previous posts that I had recently adopted a kitten and would post photos. So that's what I'm doing today! We got her at around 7 weeks. However, mum and I think that she looked a little younger than what they said. She's very healthy and active and extremely funny too. We've had cats before and absolutely adore them! Due to moving from Switzerland to Australia we couldn't bring him with us :( Then after a few years living in Australia we got a cute little black kitten who spent many years with us (and had some kitten who we had to give away sadly) before she disappeared. I don't know what happened to her but we were devastated. I was so upset for months as I was so attached to her and missed her very much.

I missed having her around to cuddle and take care of so after a few years I really wished for another kitten. Mum finally gave in because they were too cute and we went a adopted this little one! :D

Deciding on a name for her took a while because I wanted it to fit her. We came up with a bunch of different names then came down to three. Truffle, Katniss, and Maisy. I ended up choosing Maisy and am so glad I did because it fits her perfectly! 

She's so hyper right before I go to sleep. She jumps from one wall to an other in the matter of seconds then stumbles. Its quite funny to watch actually haha.

More on Maisy soon! Let me know what kind of posts you would like to see in the future.

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-Sophie xoxo


  1. Such cute photos! Congrats on your new family member :)


    1. Thank you :) and thanks so much for commenting! :)

      -Sophie xoxo


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