NIVEA Hand Cream Intense Nourishment

Hello amazing people! As the colder months are hitting Australia I've found that my skin has become drier, especially on my hands. I've tried quite a few different creams and products in the past and none have really been what I'm looking for. They either felt sticky, way to thin, way to thick, or didn't do anything at all. About a week ago I picked up this NIVEA hand cream and have been using it everyday since. I am very impressed with how smooth and hydrated my hands feel after using it. I think it was about $4.95 at Coles, I've also seen it at Priceline and Target, you can purchase it just about anywhere.

On the back it states, "This rich hand cream with Macadamia oil strengthens the skin's protection barrier whilst keeping your hands and cuticles smooth and soft."

"Our NIVEAQuality promise:
 - Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
 - Ingredients carefully selected according to strict quality standards.
 - This hand cream is free of colorants, ethyl alcohol and animal-dirived   ingredients."

I love the texture of this hand cream, it's neither too thin or too thick, just perfect. It has a really nice scent as well, but it's not strong and over powering. This hand cream isn't one that stays sticky on you hands for a long time, it sinks in very quickly.

I would definitely recommend this hand cream if you are looking for something to smooth and hydrate your skin. I would and definitely will repurchase this when I run out.

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  1. Nice review! Hand cream is a staple in my beauty routine...I carry it daily in my handbag. This one sounds really nourishing and I like that there is no sticky residue.

    Keisha xo

    1. Thank you :) Me too, I love it! It really is nourishing, I've been using it ever since I bought it. I'll check out you're blog too :)
      Thanks for commenting xx


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