New Photos: Wild Flowers!

New photos! For those who like the photography side of my blog, here are a couple of new wild flower photos. I tried out a different lens and it was a bit fiddly. I don't think they turned out too bad, not amazing but I'm still learning haha.

If you wish to check out more of my photos make sure to check out my page! The link is labelled 'Photography' at the top of my blog.

I hope you liked this quick post! Much more to come!

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-Sophie xo

Playing with Maisy!

I love taking photos, especially of little Maisy. She's grown so much since my last posts of her and I just couldn't wait to share new photos of her with you! (For those who don't know, Maisy is my kitten). Her pattern has come through really vibrant which is so cool as she is both stripy and dotty. She's got a really pretty blend of grey, white, brown and black/dark brown colours.

Here are some new photos!

And here she is pulling some faces :P

Hehe, love her so much! I hoped you liked this post and I would love for you to comment future post ideas!

Thank you for reading!

-Sophie xo