Winter Wonder Land Challenge - Task 3

Morning everyone, and Merry Christmas Eve! (If that's even a thing haha). Today I'm doing the DIY option in the new task. Unfortunately I was't able to post task 2 as I was unlucky with internet and hardly home (long story short).

Anyways, this DIY I found on Pinterest and absolutely love the idea! Because I don't have the supplies at the moment I'm going to be using the original photos I found and I'll leave the link.

This DIY is called the Mason Jar Prism Light/Candle 

To make this beautiful DIY you will need a few materials including:
  • Tea light
  • Lighter
  • Mason jar
  • e3600 glue (or any glue rated for affixing to jars)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Brushes
  • Glass elements to decorate (in this case it's round glass elements)

First, you need to glue the jar.
It is a good idea to use a well ventilated area. Dip brush in the glue and then apply onto jar. Glue in small patches working form the base of the lid all the way up.

Secondly, place your decorative elements onto the jar.
Add your glass elements onto the glued patch. Because some of the circles are larger than others, make sure to plan out your design. When the patch dries, move on to the next bit, slowly covering the jar.

Thirdly, add the finishing touches.
Remove the lid once your jar has completely dried. Tie some ribbon or twine around the top of your jar. Place a tea light in the jar and enjoy your brand new beautiful light!

I found this amazing idea on Pinterest and will leave the link here:

I got the photos from Stephanie Michelle on here:

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments, also don't forget to leave your links so I can see your blogs because I love reading them! 

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Merry Christmas!


Winter Wonderland Challenge - Task 1

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I've participated in a really fun Winter Wonderland Challenge and the first task to do this tag. I'm quite excited about it but it's summer in Australia! Aha but that doesn't matter because winter is still my favourite season.

Okay let's get on with the questions :)

The Questions:
1. What is your favourite winter drink? How do you make it? Why is it your favourite? 
Okay, so my favourite winter drink would have to be simple creamy chocolate milk (warm). I simply get chocolate powder and most likely full cream milk. Sometimes I like to froth the milk first to make it a bit fluffy. It's my favourite because it taste really yummy but is so simple! :)

2. What is your favourite winter month? 
So if I was in Norway it would be December all the way because thats the Christmas month! But I'm in Australia so July is my favourite because my best friend, and my mum and her siblings (she's a triplet) all have their birthdays in July. I don't know if this answer was confusing but basically because my mum's side of the family is in Norway we sometimes travel there for Christmas.

3. Do you get snow where you live? How much?
Where I live in Australia we get absolutely no snow! I really miss snow and I wish the seasons were the other way meaning so we could have a white Christmas! It never really feels like Christmas in Australia aha.

4. What is your favourite winter activity?
Again, if I was in Norway I would love making snow men and going bob sleighing. But in Australia we kind of just stay inside and watch a movie like a rainy day :)

5. What is the best thing about winter?
I love being cold because then you can snuggle up in blankets, watch movies and drink my creamy hot chocolate! Looking forward to winter here because summer is way too hot!

6. What is the worst thing about winter?
Well, in Australia it doesn't snow so it gets cold without snowing :( And it's much harder to get up in the morning haha.

7. Favourite winter-associated symbol (E.g; Father Christmas or a snowflake).
I call him Santa not father Christmas hehe. But my favourite would be a snowflake because they're so pretty and I love snow!

8. Tag one blogger to support you whilst you do the challenge/do it as well.
The person I tag is Candice from

Okay so that was the tag :) I really hope you liked this post and look forward to the next challenge topic.

-Sophie xoxo

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone|| REVIEW!

Hi thanks for stopping by this blog post! Today I'm reviewing the Garner Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Face Cream. Wow that was a mouthful. I've been using this moisturiser for while and so far I quite like it. I've got the one with combination to oily skin. 

On the back it states:

'Tailored texture: Mattifying fresh texture - oil-free and quick to absorb.
Tailored formular: Enriched with Green Tea extract, week known for its antioxidant properties, Sine Be Gone will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and mattified all day long. You can feel the difference.'

I really like the formula because it isn't sticky on my face and absorbs super quick. It hasn't made me break out which is fantastic because I find that a lot of products do. I use this product in the evening after I've washed my face with my everyday cleanser. It says you can use this during the day, however, I personally don't like to use moisturiser in the morning because it's very hot and humid in Australia at the moment. 

The scent is quite pleasant. It isn't strong and doesn't linger on my face. It smells healthy if that makes any sense (not like salad haha). The packaging is great as it is small but lasts a VERY long time (It's a 50ml tube). I only use a pea size amount on my face because a little goes a long way. 

I purchased mine from Target at approximately $8 but you can get this from most stores including Priceline, and chemists.  

Overall, I recommend this product to you if you have oily to combination skin as well as sensitive skin like me. 

I know this review was short and listed but I still hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully I helped you a little bit.

I love reading your comments and checking out ALL of your blogs if you leave the link.

More and better posts soon!

-Sophie xo