Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone|| REVIEW!

Hi thanks for stopping by this blog post! Today I'm reviewing the Garner Skin Naturals Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Mattifying Face Cream. Wow that was a mouthful. I've been using this moisturiser for while and so far I quite like it. I've got the one with combination to oily skin. 

On the back it states:

'Tailored texture: Mattifying fresh texture - oil-free and quick to absorb.
Tailored formular: Enriched with Green Tea extract, week known for its antioxidant properties, Sine Be Gone will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth and mattified all day long. You can feel the difference.'

I really like the formula because it isn't sticky on my face and absorbs super quick. It hasn't made me break out which is fantastic because I find that a lot of products do. I use this product in the evening after I've washed my face with my everyday cleanser. It says you can use this during the day, however, I personally don't like to use moisturiser in the morning because it's very hot and humid in Australia at the moment. 

The scent is quite pleasant. It isn't strong and doesn't linger on my face. It smells healthy if that makes any sense (not like salad haha). The packaging is great as it is small but lasts a VERY long time (It's a 50ml tube). I only use a pea size amount on my face because a little goes a long way. 

I purchased mine from Target at approximately $8 but you can get this from most stores including Priceline, and chemists.  

Overall, I recommend this product to you if you have oily to combination skin as well as sensitive skin like me. 

I know this review was short and listed but I still hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully I helped you a little bit.

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More and better posts soon!

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  1. Thanks for this review! We're no longer dealing with humidity here in Georgia, BUT I have combo oily and dry skin. So some patches need tons of moisture and some can't have too much lol. I've been searching for a new moisturizer for the season; perhaps I'll give this one a go(:

    1. Hi Britney, thanks for commenting! I'm glad I helped a little bit :) I'll check out your bog too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi thank you for commenting! Their products are great! :)

  3. I love Garnier! The review is very nice: your writing style is lovely for it! x

    By the way, I need you to post your entry for the Winter Wonderland Challenge by Monday afternoon GMT+1 time... is that alright? So sorry!

    xo Yasmine <3

    1. Hi Yasmine! Yes Garnier is great! Thank you :)

      I'll go ahead to do the now hehe :) sorry I must have missed it.

      -Sophie xo


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