Winter Wonderland Challenge - Task 1

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I've participated in a really fun Winter Wonderland Challenge and the first task to do this tag. I'm quite excited about it but it's summer in Australia! Aha but that doesn't matter because winter is still my favourite season.

Okay let's get on with the questions :)

The Questions:
1. What is your favourite winter drink? How do you make it? Why is it your favourite? 
Okay, so my favourite winter drink would have to be simple creamy chocolate milk (warm). I simply get chocolate powder and most likely full cream milk. Sometimes I like to froth the milk first to make it a bit fluffy. It's my favourite because it taste really yummy but is so simple! :)

2. What is your favourite winter month? 
So if I was in Norway it would be December all the way because thats the Christmas month! But I'm in Australia so July is my favourite because my best friend, and my mum and her siblings (she's a triplet) all have their birthdays in July. I don't know if this answer was confusing but basically because my mum's side of the family is in Norway we sometimes travel there for Christmas.

3. Do you get snow where you live? How much?
Where I live in Australia we get absolutely no snow! I really miss snow and I wish the seasons were the other way meaning so we could have a white Christmas! It never really feels like Christmas in Australia aha.

4. What is your favourite winter activity?
Again, if I was in Norway I would love making snow men and going bob sleighing. But in Australia we kind of just stay inside and watch a movie like a rainy day :)

5. What is the best thing about winter?
I love being cold because then you can snuggle up in blankets, watch movies and drink my creamy hot chocolate! Looking forward to winter here because summer is way too hot!

6. What is the worst thing about winter?
Well, in Australia it doesn't snow so it gets cold without snowing :( And it's much harder to get up in the morning haha.

7. Favourite winter-associated symbol (E.g; Father Christmas or a snowflake).
I call him Santa not father Christmas hehe. But my favourite would be a snowflake because they're so pretty and I love snow!

8. Tag one blogger to support you whilst you do the challenge/do it as well.
The person I tag is Candice from

Okay so that was the tag :) I really hope you liked this post and look forward to the next challenge topic.

-Sophie xoxo


  1. Thanks for doing the tag Sophie! <3 I loved reading it!
    Oooh chocolate milk is the best! :) And tea, too, with ginger... ^y^

    Norway sounds like so much fun! I've actually never been, but I really want to. The Scandinavian countries are all on my bucket travel list. ;)
    Snowflakes are so beautiful! ^u^

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Norway is the best!

  2. I love this tag and its nice to get an insight on what Australia is like during this holiday. I would love to ditch chicago, as we get loads of snow and below degree weather, and chill in nice and summery Australia ! You have a very lovely blog by the way.

    1. Thank you, Australia would be better if the seasons were the other way around haha :)

  3. I agree with Jessica - it's quite strange to imagine how Australia is at this time of year.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Yes it's quite different haha. Thanks for commenting!

      -Sophie xo

  4. Cold without snow! It's the same in's so damn hard to get up in the morning but at least we have Christmas during winters :P
    PS- new follower

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Hi Neal, thanks for commenting! Yes I know right, impossible to get up in the morning. Have a merry Christmas!

      Thank you so much for following, I'm over to your blog now hehe.

      -Sophie xo


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