Victoria's Secret Body Mist!

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would talk about the Victoria's Secret body mists. From left to right I have 'Coconut Passion' 'Love Spell' and 'Aqua Kiss'. It's not very easy to get a hold of these where I live because there's only one Victoria's Secret store near me, and that's in the airport. For Christmas I wished for one body mist, then I got an email from Victoria's Secret saying that they were doing a deal of 5 for $30, so I thought great! When I got there though, they said that it was 3 for $43, so you can probably imagine my disappointment. It's a fair bit more expensive in Australia which really sucks. I didn't end up buying them (I know it was still a good deal but it wasn't what I hoped for and the ladies were kind of rude so I didn't really want to shop there). But on Christmas I opened up a gift with three body mists! My parents had gone back and bought them as a Christmas gift for me and I was over the moon! They knew I had wished for 'Love Spell' so they bought that one, plus 'Coconut Passion' and 'Aqua Kiss' and I love them all! I don't think I've worn any other perfume or splashes since I got these. They smell amazing and I always get compliments on them. 

The first body mist is 'Coconut Passion'. I absolutely love this one! It smells of 'rich vanilla and warm coconut'. This body mist is very summery and I always wear this one when I go to the beach. I'm not necessarily a very seasonal person so really I'd just where this whenever I feel like it aha. The lasting power is a few hours. Well after a few hours I can't smell it because I get used to it, but my mum always says I smell really nice even after I no longer smell it so it probably lasts a bit longer. 

The second body mist is 'Love Spell'. This one smells incredibly amazing! (Not even sure if that's proper English aha). It smells of 'lush cherry blossom and juicy peach'. This one is very fresh but also sweet. One of my guy friends always compliments me when I wear this. The lasting power is pretty much the same for all of these. My sister's both like this one the best and I can't choose between 'Love Spell' and 'Coconut Passion'. 

Last but not least, is 'Aqua Kiss'. This body mist smells so nice and fresh! It smells of 'a cool splash of freesia and fresh daisy'. It has a little bit of floral tones which I love and isn't overpowering. Again the lasting power is a few hours. Even though this one isn't my favourite I still really like it a lot! This one is great for summer and spring, although if you're like me and don't really mind too much about being seasonal, go ahead and wear it all year round!

I really like that these are in plastic packaging and not glass so that it's nice and easy to take it with you. I bring mine to school so I can respray whenever I need to. It also doesn't have that cheap plastic feel. The packaging is nice, sturdy and pretty.

All of these claim to have a 'Refreshing formula infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile.' I have quite sensitive skin and I have never had any sort of reaction to these so if you have sensitive skin then these are great! I'm planning on going back to purchase some more for my birthday so if you have any suggestions on which scents I should get let me know in the comments!

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-Sophie xo


  1. Now you make me want to go out to the airport and get a victoria secret spray, they all sound like they smell amazing!

    Gina xx

    1. They definitely are amazing! Thank you for commenting!

      -Sophie xo

  2. Great post, these sound amazing :)

    Camille xo

  3. Great post! I would love to have them too, especially the blue one. :)


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