New header + a few more changes!

Ahh I finally changed the appearance of my blog! I've been meaning to do this for such a long time now but so many things got in the way, as you may already know a little bit about if you read my last post. I guess overall my blog doesn't look drastically different, I stuck to the same colour scheme and same fonts (more or less). I was originally using the Ethereal template however it left this weird blue bit at the top of my blog and it drove me nuts. I'm still using the Ethereal template but I switched to the one without the blue bit at the top, though this meant I lost everything I had previously customised. I ended up just re customising all the colours and fonts, which like I mentioned pretty much stayed the same. I did resize the width of my blog and made it just that little bit narrower. 

As for my favourite change... the header! I was never really happy with the old one and even though I tried multiple times to create a new one I was never happy with any of those either. I followed Gina's tutorial 'Create a blog header free' to make my new header. Her tutorial is super easy and completely free (just like it says). It also doesn't require any professional software or downloads from the internet. Make sure to check out her tutorial at her frickin AMAZING blog Life and Lights. She posts great content which is so nice to read. She's herself and writes in her own style, no overly formal or boring stuff. Her blog is focused around her migraines and experiences which can be helpful for others in similar situations (seriously helped me recently even though I loved her blog before this 'headache' started). Gina also shares lots of personal, healthy lifestyle and adventure related posts (great English in that sentence huh). Anyways, make sure to hop on over to Gina's blog and leave a comment too!

Okay so for my header I used a font downloaded for free, which you can get here.
I also loved this watercolour overlay which I downloaded in a set here.



I don't really have the money to spend on those beautiful themes, but in saying that I'm pretty pleased with the new look. Knowing myself,  I wouldn't be surprised if I changed something in the future because I just love redesigning things! Even my room, I move it around, redecorate and restyle all the time! I mean just within what I can do myself though, not like a complete room reno or anything haha.

Anyways, I really hope you liked this post and the new look! See you soon! 

-Sophie xx

Where Have I Been??

First off, I would like to apologise for my lack of (or rather non existent) posts. I said that I would be posting much more frequently and that was definitely the plan. However,  my health suddenly dropped out of the blue and I wasn't able to focus of blogging. Approximately three months ago I was sitting in class when this weird headache came along. I thought it was just a normal headache so I left it and waited for it to pass, though it never did. It gradually got worse throughout the day so I took a couple of painkillers, but they didn't do anything. I couldn't sleep this headache off and it just got worse and worse. I waited a week to see if it was temporary but still to this day it never left, not even for two minutes. At the end of the week mum took me to the hospital as not only had the pain become much worse, but my vision was blurred at times, I was very dizzy and I was feeling highly nauseous. The hospital was super busy and as a quick physical examination showed nothing serious, they told me to go to my local GP who can follow it up. I got a new GP as I didn't like my other one. My new GP was great as she actually listened to me. I was prescribed some migraine tablets as well as a stronger painkiller because standard Panadol and Nurofen didn't help at all. We made another appointment for a week later to follow up. This week was awful. The stronger painkillers didn't touch it and I didn't have any response to the migraine tablets. The next week we went back and because I didn't have a response to neither the painkillers or tablets, she referred me to get a blood test and an MRI scan just to rule things out. The scan came out clean although the blood test didn't. Since then it's just been trial and error with different medication and specialists, so far I have not found anything that has worked.

The pain level varies from a dull headache to an almost unbearable pain. I've always had trouble falling asleep, though this headache has kept me from staying asleep as well. I so badly wanted to write a long and detailed blog post about this, in a way I think it would probably feel great to finally get it out in detail without shortening it down. But even just this small post has taken me over two days to get down because I have to keep taking breaks from looking at the screen, and also ever since this headache started I've just found it so much more difficult to think properly and really concentrate on what I'm doing, in particular when it comes to writing or explaining. Anyway, basically term 3 this year really took a toll on me, this headache along with the other symptoms have seriously impacted me and my daily activities especially school. There has also been a lot of other things going on which just spiralled downhill, overall term 3 was pretty hectic. I'd really like to continue blogging, though the posts will be short and pretty listed (which is my style anyway :)).

I just really needed to write this, I was hoping I would be able to get down a much more detailed post but I'm not sure exactly how interested you would be in that, I guess this was more for me in a way.

I'm always using Pinterest as it doesn't require me to sit down and write or read (it sucks I miss reading a good book) so if you'd like you can hop over and check it out :) 

♥ Pinterest

Anyways, I hope you guys are all enjoying your holidays so far ( those who are on holidays).

-Sophie xx