Norway & Switzerland holiday || Flying + Panic Attack

Hey! I know I haven't been active with blogging lately as I have very minimal internet. You see, I'm staying at my grandparent's house and they don't have any wifi! So I have not been able to blog, however, today I decided to quickly connect my laptop to my phone 3G but I obviously can't do this too much or it will use up. 

I'm currently in Norway on Christmas holidays visiting all our friends and family on mum's side. It's been absolutely amazing to see everyone again, and also to get away from that summer heat back in Australia. I'm so excited this year we get to have a white Christmas! Because I can't spend too much time on my phone internet I thought I would just give you quick post on why I haven't been on and also I wanted to share some photos. Mind you these are just phone photos but I will be putting up proper photos of Norway and Switzerland (our next stop as my dad's side are all there).

The plane trip was absolutely horrible. The first flight left at 9pm and was supposed to be 15 hours, though ended up being 13 and a half hours long. The seats were so small and me who already has a lot of difficulty sleeping did not do well sleeping on the plane either. Then we had a few (cannot remember exactly how long) hours stopover in Abu Dhabi. The second flight was 8 hours long and again, very uncomfortable. We had another stopover in Paris for 5 hours before finally getting on our last flight to Oslo which was only 2 hours, and surprisingly I did sleep for 45 minutes on that plane. 

I've grown up flying overseas a fair bit due to moving and visiting family so flying usually isn't something I get anxious with. However, this time I was highly anxious. I had all these scenarios in my head which completely freaked me out. I was anxious for days before we were due to leave, in the airport I was still anxious but I managed to keep a little bit calm. Going through security my anxiety went up again. I then had a full-blown panic attack right before takeoff. I could hardly breathe, I was nauseous, trembling and palms sweating. It's kind of hard to describe anxiety and panic attacks but if you're not familiar with them then you should check it out on the internet, it might make more sense. If you are someone who experiences panic attacks then you probably understand what I'm trying to say. 

Anyways, keeping the post mostly short, here are some photos!

Flying out of Abu Dhabi.

 Flying out of Paris, only made sense to get these mini baguette snacks!

Still flying over France, look at the snow!

Took a nice walk to the harbour a few days after arriving.

Went ice skating this day and loved the lights!

Not much snow yet when this photo was taken, but the view was nice.

Okay so you can obviously tell this was taken with a phone camera but nonetheless I love the lights!

Little bit of frost flakes.

And finally we put up the Christmas tree!

Okay so those are some of the photos, I hoped you enjoyed this post! Leave a comment letting me know what you're up to these holidays!

Have a great holiday!

-Sophie xx


  1. Hey Sophie!

    It's Tay from myinner-workings :)
    This trip sounds so fun and I'm so jealous!
    I'm going to Europe in 3 weeks and so reading about your travels has just made me even more excited for that!

    I replied to your comment on my blog and I also just got bloglovin like you told me about, there's a button now on my blog for it so you can go and follow me there :)

    I also have anxiety so I totally get what you're saying about the panic attacks and stuff and you're super brave to be able to deal with that!

    1. Hey Taylor! Thanks heaps for visiting my blog and commenting, I've followed your blog now!

      Have lots of fun Europe, looking forward to reading your future posts!

  2. Hey darl, I replied to your comment. I was thinking if you want, it might be easier to talk over email! So feel free to send me one :) x

  3. awesome photos! sorry you had a bad flight experience, that's the worst. hope you have a nice holiday :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hi Danielle! Yes the flight wasn't the best experience but oh well. Thank you, you too!


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