Currently Loving ♥

Hello lovely, today I felt like writing about some of the things I've been currently loving, which includes the delicious peppermint spearmint tea I'm sipping on. I've definitely had lot's of inspiration to write and that means more blog posts! Some of these things that I've been loving are new to me and some of them I've always liked but knew I loved enough to include it in this post!

Okay, so I'll begin with my favourite blog that I've been following for a very long time. Love, Catherine, written by the gorgeous Catherine is a blog all about beauty, as well as hair, baking and life posts too. Her blog has everything that's pretty and pink! Not only is her blog beautiful, but her content is helpful and very enjoyable to read. If you haven't already you should most definitely check out her blog. I think you'll love her monthly photo diaries just as much as I do!

My favourite band has for several years been OneRepublic. There are so many bands that I like a few songs from, but OneRepublic is the only band that I like pretty much every song. I've been listening to their new album Oh My My recently and I have to say that I wasn't into every song. But the ones that I did like I loved! These include Future Looks Good, Colours, A.I, Better, and NbHD. But I still like their first three albums better!

Going To The Gym
I absolutely love working out if I enjoy what I'm doing. I'm used to training 3 times a week and when my sisters and I stopped I felt my fitness declining, that's why mum and I got a membership at the gym instead! I like to go around 5 times a week and vary my workout. I tend to do full body every time though even if I focus a little more on something in particular. I can feel that I'm regaining my strength after training began going downhill. So I'm glad we decided to go to the gym instead as I can go as many times a week as I want and I'm in charge of what I'm doing. :D

Okay, so this is an app I found a while ago but forgot about and deleted it when I thought I didn't want it anymore. Just recently I re-downloaded it and oh my god I'm obsessed! It's so fun and makes everything so much cuter! If you haven't heard of it before, it's an app that lets you create your own personal emoji character. You can customise everything from the shape of their face, eyes, hair, noise, dimples and even wrinkles! Dress it up in your favourite outfits too! I love using it on Snapchat!

If you haven't heard of this yet, Skam is a Norwegian web series about teenagers in Norway. This is the only series that I'm currently obsessed with and it's great for me as I'm picking back my Norwegian even if it is slowly. The only thing is that it is in Norwegian and I haven't found any English subtitles yet so it may not interest some of you. But still, I had to put Skam in this post as it is absolutely one of the things I'm currently loving!

Alrighty, so those are the things I'm loving currently. I actually really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I will definitely be doing more of these. xx

My Eventful November || Graduating High School!

Hello lovely! It's been over a month since I last posted on my blog and I started to really miss it! I've had so many urges to sit down and write a good post but between everything going on, I just couldn't get myself to write something I actually wanted to share. I have several drafts saved that are half done and I never got around to finishing them because I didn't actually like what I had written in the first place. 

So anyways, November for me this year has been incredibly eventful. Of course, I've had my usual appointments, and I'm also towards the end of my trial and error medication, which unfortunately hasn't worked again (read my previous headache post to know more about this). Also during this time I was crammed with my final exams and assessments and sorting things out for formal. And now I have finally graduated high school! And yes I know this is only just the beginning, and I'm really excited about starting new things. Our formal was a blast, everyone looked gorgeous and it was definitely a great way to finish. 

I was going to upload the photos from the night but I didn't know if some people would rather if I didn't, so I'm just sharing a couple of my friends and me.

I won't go into all the details but I thought I would very quickly share with you how stressful getting the makeup sorted was. So originally I had booked my makeup with Benefit Cosmetics, I got there and everything was good to go. I already had my hair done so I didn't actually have all that much time to get to the pre-formal. Anyways, the lady is all nice and while she does my makeup she tells me what she's doing and it sounds exactly like what I was wanting. She said she would show me at the end so that it took less time but I peaked in the reflection of my phone and that's when I freaked out. While she left quickly to grab whatever she went to get, I picked up the mirror and looked closer at the makeup and oh my god it was terrible. I knew right then that there was no way I was going to formal with that makeup but I didn't know what to do. I was sitting there really stressed as I was running out of time and knew I was going to remove it and do it myself. But I just couldn't get myself to say anything to her. A few minutes later I decided to just do it and let her know as nicely as I could that the makeup just wasn't what I was hoping for. She kept persisting that she could change the style but I knew it would look the same, as in the foundation looked like she had packed on that powdery looking cheese that comes in those Mac& Cheese things. I was as nice as I could be about it though and I felt so so bad. But after getting home and quickly doing my own makeup I went and got there nearly on time with a face that I didn't feel like crying in. So everything worked out in the end! Even though my makeup didn't last perfectly the whole night as that wasn't really the main thing for me. 

Okay, so I guess reading that back November doesn't sound all that eventful, but it definitely felt pretty hectic. Now I have the longest holiday ever so I'll be back to blogging! I've also got a new job over this Christmas break and it's great, I'm hoping I'll get to stay on after Christmas break is over. Please let me know in the comments what posts you would like to see, would you like more beauty related posts, hair, lifestyle, a day in the life type posts? I know I'll be doing some DIY posts soon as well!

Happy blogging! 

Three Days of Infusion Therapy...

Hello lovely! Welcome to my blog, I hope you've had a great day! Today I wanted to share with you what has happened in the last three days in regards to my chronic headache journey. If you didn't already know, I was diagnosed with something called New Daily Persistent Headache not too long ago, though I've had this since July last year. You can read all about that here (this post is before I got a professional diagnosis even though I knew NDPH is what I had). I've also written a post after finally being diagnosed here. NDPH is not like a daily headache that reoccurs. It just never ends. That's why I can't write down when the headache starts and ends because it started once (in July) and is yet to end. Anyways, the two posts that I've linked delve deeper into the details of living with New Persistent Headache so if you're interested in reading about the condition I would love it if you had a read. 

Just to recap really briefly, I have had several scans and tests including MRI's with and without Gadolinium Contrast Medium (a dye injection to see more clearly) with all results coming back clear. I've tried a LONG list of medications with absolutely no effect, they didn't even take the top of the pain off. Just to clear this question up (I've been asked quite a few times so just thought I would mention) painkillers do not touch the headache even though they help with other pain. I've tried acupuncture, massages and diet changes with no effect. I've also gone months without any medication to see if it happened to be a cluster headache (even though the symptoms didn't exactly match the cluster headache criteria.)

I've seen many doctors and specialists who either haven't listened to me ,didn't believe me, or gave up on me after they ran out of suggestions. They refused to acknowledge my suggestion about NDPH as they had never heard of it and didn't think it was a real thing. IT IS A REAL THING! Also, just another thing I want to point out is that this is an immune-based headache. 

Because I was being thrown around between different doctors and getting nowhere, mum and I took it upon ourselves and not long ago we contacted that neurologist in Melbourne who is a leading headache expert in Australia and he is the first person to know what I am talking about. It was after this that we found out we had an appointment with the neurologist here so after a little more mucking around from doctors we FINALLY saw the neurologist on Wednesday. Mum asked that the two neurologists communicate and they did. The neurologist here decided to try infusion therapy, which I was all up for. I forgot the medical terminology and medication names but it basically meant I would spend three days in the hospital with three rounds of infusions. Now if I'm honest the idea of tubes and needles really freak me out. So having that cannula in my arm for three days was not something I could forget about. 


I was admitted on Thursday morning and got my cannula put in a little bit later. That was not the most pleasant feeling especially because I just really hate that kind of stuff. I'll obviously skip over all that paperwork stuff because it's boring and go straight to when I began my first round of infusions later that day. The machine was quite loud but it didn't bother that much. I got a little drowsy from it but it didn't affect me as much as it was supposed to. My mum and sister left before I finished the infusion, I thought I would be lonely the nurses were so lovely and I had several friends messaging me good luck! The first night was difficult to sleep because I couldn't forget about the tube in my arm and the lady in the next room (divided my curtains) was breathing so incredibly loud. Other than that and being woken up for check-ups every four hours, it wasn't so bad. 


The second day I woke up to some weird breakfast. I had porridge but I swear it was soaked and blended popcorn! I had a shower (I was so glad that I could shower, out of everything my biggest worry was honestly not being able to shower! Maybe it wasn't my biggest worry but it was definitely up there!) Soon afterwards the neurologist popped in to see me and he said I was very resilient to treatment. He then discussed how the treatment would go including the medications when I leave the hospital. 

Then a few hours later we started round two of infusions. This one hit me harder and I was basically knocked out. I woke up to mum in my room and that was so nice seeing as I was alone before. The second day was also the day I started on my new cocktail of medications. Seriously, the list is so long that the neurologist here was a bit apprehensive of giving it to me (the neurologist in Melbourne is the one who gave this combination as he has had good success with it for this very specific headache. Because this is considered to be one of the most treatment-refractory headache conditions we needed a much more aggressive approach). I got fairly nauseous after these medications so I was in bed pretty much all day. 

Later that night one of the doctors who was checking up on me noticed something off with my pupils. There were several doctors who came in to double check and that made me a little nervous. They then told me that they would be checking up on me every hour instead of every four hours so I wished myself good luck with sleep that night! And let me tell you how darn bright that torchlight is when they shine it in your eyes at night. The next morning they told me that my eyes were dilating as they were supposed to but one was larger than the other. It's all normal now though so nothing to worry about. 


Day three breakfast was better! :D 
I actually felt like I slept better than I usually do. This morning was pretty much the same as the other two. Continuous checkups, nurses chatting with me sometimes and then the medications. The third round of infusions happened earlier than the previous two, which meant I would be able to go home sooner than I thought! Again, I got very drowsy. Soon my most feared part would be coming up. Taking out the cannula! I was nervous. It actually didn't hurt at all though, the worst part was the tape. Then I was on my way home to wash my hair (best feeling ever) and sleep, but I ended up falling asleep first.

So that's what happened in the last three days! Now the actual worst part is that the infusion therapy didn't affect my headache either. So I've got my hopes on this combination! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and keeping up with this headache journey (not really sure what to call it).

Essence Matt Touch Blush 'Berry Me Up!'

Hello lovely! Today I wanted to write about the Essence Matt Touch Blush in the shade 'Berry Me Up!' I purchased this a few months ago at Priceline for approximately $5, a very affordable price just like the rest of Essence's products. I personally quite like most of the Essence products even though they can look like a child's makeup line. The quality isn't high-end as such, but for the price you can't go wrong. Anyways, back to the blush. I've never really been a blush person as my cheeks are already very pink, even after putting on foundation my cheeks still peek through. I decided to try this one out because it is both matte and affordable. 

To start off, the packaging isn't impeccable, but it keeps together and that's all I need. It opens and closes (with a click) so I wouldn't be worried about the product opening and getting everywhere (if you were to put it in a bag). On the back of the packaging, the name of the colour is clearly started and I always like it when they have fun names!

Now onto the actual blush. The colour is a cool berry pink shade (it may look slightly warmer in the photos). Formula wise, the blush is smooth and lovely to apply. It doesn't look overbearing but is still visible. Obviously, you can build up the colour to however much you desire, I personally prefer a subtle blush and I can easily achieve that with this product. 

I can't say exactly how long this blush lasts throughout the day because after a few hours my natural pink cheeks have become more prominent so I cannot tell when the blush actually disappears. It definitely lasts a few hours though without primer or setting spray.

Overall, I'm very happy with this blush and will continue to use it. I only have one other blush at the moment and it is another Essence blush from a different line. I do however prefer this one as it is matt and the other one has a slight sparkly sheen (which is nice too). 

I hope you liked this post and enjoy the rest of your day!

Chatty Life Update

Hello Lovely! I hope your day is going good so far. Firstly, I will apologise for not posting in a very long time. I would say "I'm not going to make any excuses," but I would be lying. So I will be entirely honest, and the reason is that my motivation has been lacking with all the stress recently. Term 3 in grade 12 is most definitely not easy, keeping up with school and all the medical things ( Living With a Never-ending Headache) as well as thinking about university, formal and all that extra stuff has been slightly too much. Even though when I write it down here it doesn't seem so. But I haven't exactly been feeling great either. I've been extremely tired, obviously the headache hasn't changed and I feel like I've been the stage of 'about to get the flu' for nearly two months now. The last thing I wanted to do was blog or film. However, today I felt like writing, though I don't have a specific topic in mind. This post will definitely be chatty, but chatty blog posts are actually my favourites to read. 

So last Tuesday and Wednesday I did the QCS exams, which were, by the way, the most ridiculous exams I had ever done and I've seen some pretty stupid exams. The questions were definitely not 'grade 10' level, they were quite unclear and the answers were very much a guessing game. There is a pretty amusing Facebook page though about these exams that a lot of Queensland grade 12 students have been posting in. I think I've spent a bit too much time laughing at those memes. But now QCS is over and I have my block exams starting Monday. So far this term is not going how I had hoped. But it's not long before September holidays so I'm excited for that! 

Thinking about what I'm going to do next year has been quite stressful, I had my future roughly planned out for a long time and had I not been hit with NDPH I think I would've gone through with it. And even though I'm trying super hard to live life as if it didn't exist, there's only so much I pretend before it just doesn't work anymore. I've always been a balance of idealistic and realistic, which makes it very hard to make certain decisions. Originally I was set on going to uni to study psychology all the way through to becoming a registered psychologist. I then began having second thoughts after realising that I just simply wouldn't be able to do it. Even high school is nearly impossible to get through with NDPH. I so badly want to finish grade 12 though so I'm putting more energy than I have into it. It's definitely taking a toll on me though. I'm really looking forward to graduation though and I will be sharing pictures! Now I've applied to study a bachelor of interior design with honours. 

Oh, and I can't forget to mention Pan's Labyrinth, a Spanish film that we watched in Film and Television. I can't even express how much I loved this film. This film was very intense and confronting at times, it was one of those films that when you finish watching it you just kind of have to take it all in and then have to find someone else to talk about it with. You have got to watch it, you forget that it's a subtitled film it's so beautiful.

I'm not really sure what else to talk about at the moment. But I will share my favourite song recently. So as you may or may not know my favourite band is OneRepublic and lately I've been listening to Au Revior a lot, that entire album really. You should check it out! :)

I've been thinking about vlogging on my YouTube channel too. 

So I guess that's it for today. :D

See you in my next post! Also, leave your blog links in the comments so I can head over to your blog! xx

I Finally Have a Diagnosis! NDPH

Hello again! I have the most exciting news today! Well actually it might not be all that exciting for you, but to me, this is what I've been waiting for the last year! Firstly, for this post to make any sense to you, I'll leave a link to my original post about my never-ending headache, which explains everything you need to know before reading this. If you're a good friend of mine or know about my headache then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about in this post.

I'll briefly explain what's been happening but for a more in-depth understanding, I encourage you to read my post, Living With A Never-ending Headache. Basically, in July last year, I was sitting in class when a very sudden headache hit me out of nowhere. I assumed it was just a very painful headache that would go away after some painkillers. I waited it out and when it didn't budge I tried to sleep on it. Falling asleep to begin with was a hassle, but eventually, I fell asleep anyways. When I woke up, the headache was still there! I took a couple more painkillers and thought that should work, but it did nothing. That first week was hell, I was having nonstop pain in my head and along with that, I was very nauseous and light headed. After a trip to the hospital with no findings, I was sent back to my GP to follow up. Since then I've been prescribed multiple medications, most of them were migraine pills or migraine preventatives. I tried nerve blocks and multiple other pills to try and help with the pain. Nothing at all touched the headache in the slightest bit. 

Of course, throughout all this, I was having multiple scans including MRI's and more blood tests than I can even count. Everything came out clear and we could not figure out what on earth was wrong. After months of constant trial and error pills, tests and scans left, right and centre with nothing to show, I was getting super frustrated. I was also halfway through grade 11 at that point, which had become almost impossible. The worst part was that not only did nothing touch the pain, but I found that people were starting to take me less seriously. I didn't know how to explain it and nobody had heard of this before. 

After months of dead ends, I decided to start researching myself. It took a long time before I came across something called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache). I continued researching this particular headache and found other people suffering from the exact same thing I was. It was a relief within itself to know that I was not alone in this. These people were overseas though, and unfortunately, no doctor where I live had ever heard of NDPH. 

Jumping forward a bit, I just recently found a neurologist here in Australia who specialises in NDPH and mum emailed him yesterday. He is based in Melbourne though so not too close to me. He emailed back today and then at 5:30 we spoke with him over the phone. Just over this phone call, he was able to diagnose me with NDPH without me mentioning it. (This doctor is highly reputable so it's not just some fluke.) 

Now we will be going through some more processes and hopefully start a treatment plan of some sort. Even though curing this is not a guarantee, I still have hope. 

I really don't know how much sense any of this made, but I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am right now. It's almost impossible to describe. Anyways, I will post more updates about this soon! 

Thank you so much for reading this post (if you even made it to the end)!

Have a lovely day!

A little chat and update...♡

Hello lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I hope your day has been well so far. It's been a little bit too long since I last posted and today I just felt like writing without a specific topic in mind. More like a life update kind of thing. 

Lets start with the amazing fact that I'm finally on school holidays! Term two went incredibly slow and was quite stressful so it's a huge relief to be on a short break. This means that I have much more time and joy in writing on my blog and filming more YouTube videos. If you haven't seen my most recent video you should check it out here! Stolen by Lucy Christopher (Book Review). I am planning on posting more hair related videos as well so stay tuned for those! With my blog I'm planning to post a lot more. I'd like to post more about personal topics as well as my usual posts. 

Over this two week break I do have one film assignment so I've been filming a fair bit for that too. If it turns out good I might post it to YouTube, we're doing an avant-garde unit so it's quite different. 

Oh! I will also mention that recently I had my fourth MRI within the last year but this time I had to get a dye injection into my blood so that they could see a better contrast in my brain to rule out a couple more things. We obviously ruled out other major things such as brain tumor way back in last year in the first MRI scan. The results came black clear each time and although it's great news, we still have not figured out why I have this never-ending headache (if you missed my post about this you can read it here). It's incredibly frustrating! Anyways, I've been prescribed with some new medication after being off any medication for months. I've been on these pills for a little while now and so far nothing has changed, though it can take up to four weeks for the pills to take effect so I'm hopeful that they'll begin working after some time. 

So there's just a little chatty update, hopefully this wasn't too boring to read. I know I really enjoy blogs with specific topics but sometimes I prefer chatty posts!

Hope you all have a lovely day! Let me know what you're doing these holidays in the comments!

-Sophie xx

May Favourites 2016!

Hello hello! How have you all been? I hope you're all doing great, and also I wanted to say thank you for the kind comments on my previous post Living With a Never-ending Headache. I was quite anxious about posting it but now I'm so glad that I did. Finally getting it out was a heavy weight sort of lifted and I want to continue sharing my process (not sure what to call it) with you. So with that said I'm going to head into today's post, my May favourites!

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum - I bought this not too long ago when I was looking for something to help keep the frizz in my hair down. Now my hair isn't extremely frizzy but some days it just doesn't seem to want to look decent. I generally don't have time to style my hair in the mornings, I just brush it out and go. I use this serum after washing my hair (I wait a little bit so it is damp) and then I use a brush to spread the product evenly. In the morning my hair is soft, silky and shiny and smells great! The scent reminds me of melon and it isn't too strong. This costs around $6.99 from Priceline (I'm pretty sure you can buy this in most stores). I have definitely been liking this product recently! 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Body Cream - If you live in Australia you would be pretty familiar with the unpredictable weather between seasons. One minute your toes feel like they're going to fall off and the next minute you're melting. So for a couple of months it's been starting to get cold (at least where I live) but then all of a sudden it's summer again. Anyways, back to the cream! Since it's been getting colder recently and the humidity has dropped, my skin as been slightly drier. I'm not usually a body lotion/cream person because they feel too tacky on the skin. But when I was in Norway, both my sisters and I received this pretty nice sized Elizabeth Arden body cream for Christmas and it is absolutely amazing! It smells so good too! My mum isn't a lotion person either but she's been borrowing our creams because she loves it so much! She recently bought her own in the lotion but same scent and loves it! Super moisturising and it sinks in super quick. When it sinks in it doesn't dry to the point where you feel like it didn't even do anything. It sinks in enough to not feel it but still feel moisturised. Absolutely loving this cream!

Clinique All About Eyes - So, I never really thought I had any bags or circles under my eyes, but it turns out I can get incredibly blue under my eyes. This is probably due to the lack of quality sleep I get as I struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep. My aunty gave my sisters and I a lovely gift pack each of some Clinique skincare products and I loved the cleanser, toner and makeup remover. However, the moisturiser didn't really sink in on me (my sisters loved it on their skin) and I rarely reached for the eye cream because I guess I didn't think about it. Recently I've been using this under my eyes and I have to say my eyes do look a bit better after using it. I put it on before bed and sometimes in the morning. I've really been liking this product and if it wasn't for the price I would probably buy it when I finish. 

Nivea Lip Balm - As I mentioned before, the weather has been getting colder recently and my skin has been getting drier, the same goes for my lips. Now usually I don't get dry skin or dry lips, but the combination of cold weather and the acne treatment I'm on (extremely drying) my skin has definitely become very dry. So I've had to moisturise more than usual and apply lip balm all the time. This Nivea lip balm is nice and moisturising with a subtle and pleasant scent. I love Nivea lip balms and they're generally under $4 from pretty much any store. 

L'Occitane Hand Creams - Continuing on with the dry skin theme I have going on here, recently I've been reaching for these hand creams a lot. My sisters and I received a trio of lovely L'Occitane hand creams from our uncle and his family and another hand cream (and lip balm) from our other uncle and his girlfriend. Hand creams can be a bit of a hit or miss for me because like I said earlier, I really don't like the tacky feeling of some lotions. But these are most definitely my favourite hand creams ever. They are so moisturising and not sticky at all. The cream furthest to the left (Dry Skin Hand Cream) is thicker than the other three so it's better for drier skin. I've been swapping between all of these and will definitely continue to use them!

Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume - I bought this just after my birthday (also why I love May, my birthday is on the 12th!) and I seriously am in love with this perfume! I love perfumes, body mists and all that good stuff and I always switch around what I'm wearing. I haven't worn only this perfume during May but at the moment it's probably my favourite! I got mine for a really good deal at the chemist, the perfume came with a lotion, a shower gel and a little incense thing for $30 total.  

So I haven't done a favourites post in a very long time and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know in the comments something that you loved during May!

Have an amazing day lovely!

Living With A Never-ending Headache...

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing good. In mid last year I posted briefly about why I had not been active with blogging. I mentioned that I had been having a constant headache for a while. At the time I did not think it would stick around for too long. But here I am today, and it has still not gone away. Today I decided to share with you what has been happening from that first day onwards, I'm going to go into more detail so if you're interested I would love for you to keep reading.

The first day this headache started I remember vividly. Ten months ago I was sitting in my English class and the teacher was talking about one of our later assessments. I even remember the way I was sitting, I was leaning on my left elbow with my hand under my chin. All of a sudden I got this headache, it was pretty bad too. So I took two Nurofen painkillers and waited it out. When I got home from school it was still there, so I drank lots of water and tried to sleep it off that night. Though sleep was not easy (I've never slept very good prior to the headache but this time it was the pain keeping me up). I woke up after eventually falling asleep with the headache still there. Obviously I was a bit annoyed so I took two more painkillers  and thought that should do it. It did not.

That following week I was feeling highly nauseas, light headed, my eyes were blurred at times, my head was foggy, but worst of all the headache had not left for even a single second. Mum took me to the hospital to check it out. We waited for a few hours and when it was finally my turn they asked me some questions and did a very quick physical examination. Because nothing looked unusual they sent me back to my GP. After explaining everything to my doctor she thought it was a migraine and prescribed me with some migraine pills as well as some stronger forms of painkillers. I did not respond to any of these. We went back to update and she prescribed me with some migraine preventatives instead. Meanwhile I was also getting blood work done for tests to make sure everything was good there as well as my thyroid. Everything came back clear, however, I did have a slight iron deficiency (very weird because I eat red meat all the time) so I took some supplements and after another blood test everything was sorted out. But the headache was still there and getting worse. Basically since then I've been prescribed endless amounts of pills as trial and error and so far nothing has worked. I've been having tests and scans including MRIs done to rule major things out (which thankfully is all clear) but I'm still stuck with no answers.

Some months into this constant headache I was getting extremely annoyed and frustrated. My mood was declining and I ended up seeing a psychologist once a week. These appointments were all during school time (as were the majority of doctors/hospital appointments) because that was the only availability, and as you can imagine I fell even further behind than I already was. This 'headache' is extremely debilitating in every aspect of life. School in particular is difficult to keep up with because I feel like my concentration has just gone out the window. I never had any problems with focus and concentration, but having this headache makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. I can't do that, I can't not do anything. I can't just not do my assessments. I have to continue but its beyond difficult to keep up. Grade 12 is not easy to begin with, and this just makes it nearly impossible.

People just don't seem to understand that it is NOT a series of headaches, it is ONE long headache that is never-ending. I began researching properly myself, and it wasn't until a while after that I came across a blog about NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache). I had never heard of this before and when I tried looking into it further there was very little information on it. But since finding out that I am not the only person who has this problem I feel a little less alone. I know it is not all in my head. It is not dehydration. It is not stress from school (I've had two months holidays completely stress free and it didn't change at all!) It is real. It's incredibly frustrating when people suggest that I drink more water, try not to stress so much, or take painkillers (the headache does not respond to anything). I know they're just trying to help but when it's the same people over and over again it's like they're not really listening to me. I can't even pinpoint where the pain is because it's all over my head. Sometimes it's sharper in a certain place but the base pain is still all over. Sometimes the pain is dull and other times it's so intense I want to whack my head against the wall (I won't). Sometime's the pain feels like immense pressure and sometimes it feels like a constant brain freeze. Overall the pain is just really big (don't know how to explain the pain).

After being so desperate for just a little bit of help I went to the school and asked if I was able to study in the library during the usual afternoon sport. I asked for this because I'm struggling incredibly with keeping up with school, my grades have dropped and it feels like no matter how hard I try it just doesn't work. They said no so currently I'm trying to convince them otherwise, I have my mum, my doctor and the school nurse supporting me in this. I'm always hesitant to tell people about this headache because I know what it looks like, a young girl who can't cope with stress and blah blah blah. That is not the case. I am not making this up and the only thing that kept my hopes up slightly was the fact that I came across NDPH. It's a real thing and reading about other's who've not only experienced the same physical pain as me, but also the emotional affects of it, and that they went through/ or are going through the same process as I am. My problem now is finding a doctor who is familiar with NDPH, because then at least there'll be a name on it or something. That would just be a relief within itself.

I encourage you to read about NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) so that you gain a little more understanding about the 'headache' as my post here doesn't cover all that. This post was honestly just a way for me to let everything out and to hopefully see if anyone reading this might know anything about it.

- It is not a series of headaches, it is one long never-ending headache.
- Every test and scan is clear.
- Painkillers do not have any affect what so ever on the headache. They work for other things but not this.
- It is not a rebound, migraine or tension headache as the head specialist has established that.
- The pain is real, the head specialist has also established this.
- The type of pain varies and so does the intensity. On a scale of 1-10 my average day sits between 4-8 and spikes randomly to 9 and 10. The pain is all over my head, not just on one side. It might be stronger on one side for a split second or for hours. The headache might spike for a split second or for hours.
- It's hard when people don't believe you, because you know it. You look absolutely fine and it's because you've learnt how to deal with it even though the pain is no better.

It's incredibly hard to explain this headache and I wish I could write this so much better. But have a read about it and maybe it'll make more sense. And I'll link the two blogs as well because reading from someone who actually experiences it is a much better insight that a medical sheet explaining (though they're great too!).

Hopefully this post wasn't too hard to read, and next week I'll post something a little less depressing! :)

-Sophie xx

Mini Priceline Haul!

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog! The other day Priceline had their 40% off sale and of course, I couldn't not go in. As you can see though I didn't splurge all that much, I just picked up a few items, some I had tried previously and others I had never used before. So let's get into the post!

First I picked up the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation in the shade 103 Ivory (I sometimes use the shade 100 Ivory). This has been my go-to foundation for the last few months and I absolutely love it. I use my makeup sponge to apply it and it gives a nice natural looking base. A lot of people say that it is very heavy coverage, though I would say you can definitely adjust that to what you like. I can easily keep this light or I can build it up. The first time I used this foundation I thought it felt slightly tacky (compared to the Maybelline Fit Me) but I use a bit of powder over it and then it's all good.

Next, I decided to try the Rimmel London Lasting Finish primer. I hadn't tried this before, but I was using the NYX HD primer and it was a little inconsistent so I wanted to try a different primer. So far I quite like it. The formula feels very different to the NYX primer, it feels more like a moisturiser, and even though I have combination skin (dry cheeks and oily forehead/chin) it actually doesn't feel greasy on my face. It's a little thicker but it sort of gives my foundation something to cling onto if that makes sense. 

Because I loved my other Natio Nail Colour so much I thought I would try a different shade from the same brand. I saw that they had a new line (I think it may be the Naturally You collection?) and 3 new nail colours. I loved this light pink shade called 'Petal'. I know they still have this at the store but I couldn't find this specific colour online. I have worn this nail polish since purchasing and I can say that I love it even more than my other Natio polish! The colour is very pretty and would probably say it's my current favourite nail polish. 

As I was about to pay for my items (mum wanted to leave so I had to rush) I remembered that my sister had this nail polish remover that worked wonders, so I ran back and quickly grabbed the Maybelline Express Remover. Okay, so I know it says removes nail polish in one dip and although that's not entirely true, it does remove nail polish in 3-5 swirls (not really swirls just a slight twist of your finger). That's already so much easier than using a cotton pad! I absolutely love this stuff!

The last item I bought is this Natio Moisturising Lip Gloss in the shade 'Magical.' This is from the same collection as the nail polish. I tried it for the first time the day after I bought it and it's beautiful. I will say though that when I applied it straight to my lips it appeared the tiniest bit patchy. I just dabbed it slightly with my finger and then that was all sorted out. I really like this lip gloss and would happily repurchase it! 

Okay so that's all for this post! If you would like to see a more detailed post on the individual products let me know in the comments so I know which ones you'd like to see first! 

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

-Sophie xo

Last Few Holiday Days...

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I'm currently enjoying (or at least trying to) my last few days of school holidays. I've had two weeks off, which was very much needed, especially with everything going on, you know the usual school and assessments plus all the medical things as well (an update on that is coming soon). If only I didn't have assessment over the holidays, I mean that just totally ruined the point of a break! "We were on a break!" let me know in the comments if you get that reference :)

Anyways, I've been pretty busy (good busy) over these holidays and although it's supposed to be getting colder now it's still stinking hot. So the beach was a given. I took some Instagram photos and wanted to share them with you as I really wanted to post something about the lovely holidays.

Hope you're all having an amazing holiday or just enjoying life in general!

See you in my next post! 
-Sophie xx

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine 'Rose Libertine'

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Or if you're new welcome and thank you for stopping by! Today I'm sharing with you a new nail polish I bought at the beginning of the holidays, and because it's the holidays I'm able to wear nail polish! ( My school is super strict on appearance, which sucks, so no nail polish ). This is the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine in 'Rose Libertine.' First thing I want to mention is that I just couldn't get the right colour in the pictures so the colour is a bit different in real life. The pictures portray a very similar colour to my last nail post here, although in real life the colour is a very pretty watermelon pink.  

The formula was very easy to work with being neither too runny or too thick. Along with the large flat brush, the application process was no hassle at all. The first coat was a bit sheer, though with a second coat and sometimes a third coat the colour turned out nice and opaque with no streaks. The polish, however, took a very long time to dry. This is very likely due to my base coat (I used the Essence Gel Top Coat) which I probably shouldn't have used as a base. As for the lasting power, I can't say a specific time frame yet as I have only worn it for a day. I can say though that so far there is absolutely no chipping and I washed my hair last night (mentioning this because I find that when I wash my hair often the nail polish starts to chip earlier). I bought mine at Priceline for $5.95, they also come in a variety of different shades. 

Overall, I really like this nail polish and would not hesitate to repurchase this and maybe a couple of other colours. 

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and what you'd like to see more of! 

-Sophie xo

Natio Nail Colour 'Kashi'

Hi lovely! Today I'm excited to share with you one of my favourite nail polishes! This is the Natio Nail Colour in 'Kashi'. I personally really like the colour, it's a pink with purple undertones. The formula is seriously the perfect balance, it's neither too runny or too thick. With just one coat it already looks great. I usually do two coats just because it feels weird to only do one (is that just me?) I believe these nail polishes are $9.95 and I bought this one from Priceline. The bottle is nice and sturdy, I also think the small flower on the front is a pretty touch. 

This nail polish doesn't take long to dry, but it doesn't dry as quickly as the Essence nail polishes. I also find that this nail polish begins to chip after a couple of days but not if I wear a top or base coat. I'll definitely be trying more of the Natio Polishes because this one glides on so easily. (Don't mind my not so great nail polish applying skills in the photos haha).

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one! 

-Sophie xx

Forest Adventures + Photos!

Hi everyone how are you all? I'm back today with a new post about my love for adventure! Especially adventures in the forest. Since being back in Australia I have only been in the forest once! Mum and I usually go all the time and today we went with the cameras of course! It rained a little bit yesterday so today the forest was pretty nice, although we're hoping to get a bit more rain within the next few days so that it will be lovely and green. 

A few fun photos of today. 

Have an amazing day!

-Sophie xx

Back In Australia + More Photos!

Hi everyone! Can you see the snow in my hair? We landed in Australia last night after a very long travel. I said in my last post that I would share more photos as soon as I got a hold of the cameras, so that's exactly what I'll be doing! I finally got to reunite with the camera and capture the very beautiful Switzerland (the pictures don't even do justice). Mum and I went together as we both share the passion for photography and it's nice to be just mum and me. 
The day before we left us five (mum, dad, my sisters and I) went up to the ski slopes! My sisters and I had quite a few embarrassingly hilarious tumbles. I even went straight into Emilie and the ski lady! My last fall was quite painful though, I tumbled with my legs all weird and my left hip popped (this happens at training for me anyway) and my right knee went stiff. I couldn't ski the rest of the way because my hip felt extremely loose and my knee just wouldn't bend or straighten properly. I could kind of walk though so I walked down (very slow and looking really weird I might add). I thought I'd sleep it off but instead the next morning I could barely put any pressure on it. After a little bit I could put pressure but it just wouldn't bend or straighten. That day mum and I went back up to those mountains as we couldn't bring the cameras when we went skiing but we so badly wanted to photograph them. The rest of the family went to a chocolate factory. Those little chalets in the image above are on the mountain that mum and I went back to, they're so cute!

The temperature was a bit of a shock after arriving back in Australia. I mean I knew it was going to be hot but oh my gosh I wasn't prepared! Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one!

-Sophie xx

Snippet of Switzerland

I'm in Switzerland! We landed last Saturday night at 9pm. When my grandparents and my aunty picked us up I suddenly felt very tall. They're quite small people whereas my mum's side is very tall. My sisters and I definitely noticed how little French we remembered, though I've quickly picked it backup again since then. French was actually my first language along with Norwegian, though when we moved to Australia I obviously began speaking English. Because English is the common language between my parents it's become our main language and both Norwegian and French just sort of slowly slipped away. 

I've been wanting to capture so many photos and post them BUT my mum has all the cameras and lenses and she stayed in Norway for an extra week! So, unfortunately, there's been so many times that I've wanted to photograph but had to use my phone (which honestly just isn't the same). Anyways, I thought I'd still share a few of my phone photos, but I will be sharing better quality photos as soon as mum comes and she lands tomorrow night! Can't wait! 

These pictures are just little snippets and definitely don't do justice, especially the mountains! The scenery in Switzerland (and Norway I might add) is just beyond stunning. I'm so hoping to get some beautiful photos of the mountains. Oh and we also got some Swiss chocolate which is the absolute best!

Let me know in the comments where you're from or where you'd like to go one day :D
I have so many places I want to visit, especially Santorini Greece.

-Sophie xx

Norway Holiday - Girls Night In & Fun In The Snow!

These holidays have just gone so fast I can't believe I've been in Norway for over a month! During our amazing holiday, there's barely been a day where we haven't done something. Every day we've seen different friends and family, as well as going to the city, shopping, ice-skating and just simply having a great time. The other day we went and stayed overnight at our aunty's house. We made a delicious dinner and had a fun girl's night with chocolate face masks (so tempted to eat it!). The morning after we went out sledding with her dogs, who are by the way the sweetest dogs. My sister's and I were very excited to go out in the snow, despite me not being able to feel my hands because it was so cold! Going from 35 degrees Celsius in Australia to minus 12 degrees is definitely something.

Here are some photos!

I really wish the photo had been clear but I thought I'd still share it because I had a blast!

My sisters and I are a little bit sad that our stay in Norway is nearly over, though we still have Switzerland and we can't wait to see our dad's side of the family! We're flying out Saturday evening, so we're saying our goodbyes to all the family here before we go. I'm definitely going to miss everyone heaps, especially our cutest little cousins who we've had a lot of fun with!

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays!

-Sophie xx

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