Snippet of Switzerland

I'm in Switzerland! We landed last Saturday night at 9pm. When my grandparents and my aunty picked us up I suddenly felt very tall. They're quite small people whereas my mum's side is very tall. My sisters and I definitely noticed how little French we remembered, though I've quickly picked it backup again since then. French was actually my first language along with Norwegian, though when we moved to Australia I obviously began speaking English. Because English is the common language between my parents it's become our main language and both Norwegian and French just sort of slowly slipped away. 

I've been wanting to capture so many photos and post them BUT my mum has all the cameras and lenses and she stayed in Norway for an extra week! So, unfortunately, there's been so many times that I've wanted to photograph but had to use my phone (which honestly just isn't the same). Anyways, I thought I'd still share a few of my phone photos, but I will be sharing better quality photos as soon as mum comes and she lands tomorrow night! Can't wait! 

These pictures are just little snippets and definitely don't do justice, especially the mountains! The scenery in Switzerland (and Norway I might add) is just beyond stunning. I'm so hoping to get some beautiful photos of the mountains. Oh and we also got some Swiss chocolate which is the absolute best!

Let me know in the comments where you're from or where you'd like to go one day :D
I have so many places I want to visit, especially Santorini Greece.

-Sophie xx


  1. The photo with the mountain behind it is soo bbeautiful

  2. i just follow your blog.nice post.

  3. The pictures looks great. I hope you're fun in Switzerland.
    Just found your blog and I followed you on GFC!:)

    1. Hi Michele! Thank you! I'll head over to your blog now xx

  4. Amazing photos!!👍 Lucky for me I live in a very beautiful place too.


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