Natio Nail Colour 'Kashi'

Hi lovely! Today I'm excited to share with you one of my favourite nail polishes! This is the Natio Nail Colour in 'Kashi'. I personally really like the colour, it's a pink with purple undertones. The formula is seriously the perfect balance, it's neither too runny or too thick. With just one coat it already looks great. I usually do two coats just because it feels weird to only do one (is that just me?) I believe these nail polishes are $9.95 and I bought this one from Priceline. The bottle is nice and sturdy, I also think the small flower on the front is a pretty touch. 

This nail polish doesn't take long to dry, but it doesn't dry as quickly as the Essence nail polishes. I also find that this nail polish begins to chip after a couple of days but not if I wear a top or base coat. I'll definitely be trying more of the Natio Polishes because this one glides on so easily. (Don't mind my not so great nail polish applying skills in the photos haha).

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one! 

-Sophie xx


  1. Love this color! great post

  2. I also always do two coats, even if it's looking great with just one! haha!

  3. Such a lovely post so interesting
    Isabelle x


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