Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine 'Rose Libertine'

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Or if you're new welcome and thank you for stopping by! Today I'm sharing with you a new nail polish I bought at the beginning of the holidays, and because it's the holidays I'm able to wear nail polish! ( My school is super strict on appearance, which sucks, so no nail polish ). This is the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine in 'Rose Libertine.' First thing I want to mention is that I just couldn't get the right colour in the pictures so the colour is a bit different in real life. The pictures portray a very similar colour to my last nail post here, although in real life the colour is a very pretty watermelon pink.  

The formula was very easy to work with being neither too runny or too thick. Along with the large flat brush, the application process was no hassle at all. The first coat was a bit sheer, though with a second coat and sometimes a third coat the colour turned out nice and opaque with no streaks. The polish, however, took a very long time to dry. This is very likely due to my base coat (I used the Essence Gel Top Coat) which I probably shouldn't have used as a base. As for the lasting power, I can't say a specific time frame yet as I have only worn it for a day. I can say though that so far there is absolutely no chipping and I washed my hair last night (mentioning this because I find that when I wash my hair often the nail polish starts to chip earlier). I bought mine at Priceline for $5.95, they also come in a variety of different shades. 

Overall, I really like this nail polish and would not hesitate to repurchase this and maybe a couple of other colours. 

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and what you'd like to see more of! 

-Sophie xo


  1. Lovely review Sophie I love the colour it's beautiful thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Kerona! I really liked this one xx


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