I Finally Have a Diagnosis! NDPH

Hello again! I have the most exciting news today! Well actually it might not be all that exciting for you, but to me, this is what I've been waiting for the last year! Firstly, for this post to make any sense to you, I'll leave a link to my original post about my never-ending headache, which explains everything you need to know before reading this. If you're a good friend of mine or know about my headache then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about in this post.

I'll briefly explain what's been happening but for a more in-depth understanding, I encourage you to read my post, Living With A Never-ending Headache. Basically, in July last year, I was sitting in class when a very sudden headache hit me out of nowhere. I assumed it was just a very painful headache that would go away after some painkillers. I waited it out and when it didn't budge I tried to sleep on it. Falling asleep to begin with was a hassle, but eventually, I fell asleep anyways. When I woke up, the headache was still there! I took a couple more painkillers and thought that should work, but it did nothing. That first week was hell, I was having nonstop pain in my head and along with that, I was very nauseous and light headed. After a trip to the hospital with no findings, I was sent back to my GP to follow up. Since then I've been prescribed multiple medications, most of them were migraine pills or migraine preventatives. I tried nerve blocks and multiple other pills to try and help with the pain. Nothing at all touched the headache in the slightest bit. 

Of course, throughout all this, I was having multiple scans including MRI's and more blood tests than I can even count. Everything came out clear and we could not figure out what on earth was wrong. After months of constant trial and error pills, tests and scans left, right and centre with nothing to show, I was getting super frustrated. I was also halfway through grade 11 at that point, which had become almost impossible. The worst part was that not only did nothing touch the pain, but I found that people were starting to take me less seriously. I didn't know how to explain it and nobody had heard of this before. 

After months of dead ends, I decided to start researching myself. It took a long time before I came across something called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache). I continued researching this particular headache and found other people suffering from the exact same thing I was. It was a relief within itself to know that I was not alone in this. These people were overseas though, and unfortunately, no doctor where I live had ever heard of NDPH. 

Jumping forward a bit, I just recently found a neurologist here in Australia who specialises in NDPH and mum emailed him yesterday. He is based in Melbourne though so not too close to me. He emailed back today and then at 5:30 we spoke with him over the phone. Just over this phone call, he was able to diagnose me with NDPH without me mentioning it. (This doctor is highly reputable so it's not just some fluke.) 

Now we will be going through some more processes and hopefully start a treatment plan of some sort. Even though curing this is not a guarantee, I still have hope. 

I really don't know how much sense any of this made, but I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am right now. It's almost impossible to describe. Anyways, I will post more updates about this soon! 

Thank you so much for reading this post (if you even made it to the end)!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I hope you'll be okay...take care :)

  2. I hope now that you have a diagnosis, you can get better. I've had chronic headaches for about ten years now. They are made worse by stress. I went to a neurologist but he told me it was just migraines and to take ibuprofen. Of course that doesn't help but I can't seem to get anyone to listen. It's just something I deal with. Glad you were able to figure out was wrong! :)
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

    1. After writing this post I realised that I wasn't sure how I actually felt. I was so relieved that finally there was someone who knew what I was going through and was actually listening to me. But then I thought about it more, even though I was right, it just confirms that the chances of getting better are really slim. So I do have my hopes :) It's so frustrating though when they say it's just a migraine and tell you to take ibuprofen. I really hope you get better too! I am glad but not at the same time hahha. Thank you for reading! xx

  3. Take care and be happy. http://goo.gl/uJbkHR

  4. Aw thats so exciting I'm so happy for you :) Even though the headaches suck at least you now have a diagnosis
    isabelle xx

  5. It's great that you finally have a diagnoses so now you can hopefully feel a bit better :) I too have struggled with crippling headaches.. Migraines run in my family, and they're so hard to deal with. Luckily, I have been able to find a lot of natural remedies that help a lot :)

    The Daily Delicacy

    1. Thank you Hannah :) I'm really glad you've found some natural remedies to help your migraines, they must be absolutely awful! xx


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