I've Created A YouTube Channel! ♥

Hello lovely! Today I wanted to let you know about my YouTube channel! If you read my post a little bit ago about my first video then you would have already seen that I've created a channel. But for all my beautiful readers who haven't seen that post, I'm excited to share with you my own channel where I post videos about beauty, hair, books, reviews, tags, challenges and everything in between! 

I've always wanted to make a YouTube channel ever since I deleted my previous one (I used to make videos when I was younger but I was scared people at school would see it and so I deleted it and have regretted it ever since). That's also how I came across blogging, which was a much better project for me with less anxiety. I have since overcome my fear of school friends seeing my videos and created a new channel that I'm super excited about! I even share it with my friends and they're all super supportive so I'm definitely glad I went for it. 

If you haven't seen it yet, then it would mean so so so much to me if you checked it out! Leave a comment and let me know you came from my blog, and if you do like my videos subscribe!! ♥
My YouTube Channel

This doesn't mean I'll be neglecting my blog because I love writing and the community here! 

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts and YouTube videos! I think for my next blog post I'll be doing a review on one of the matt essence blushes! :)


  1. Good luck with your channel!
    You have a great blog. I follow you #41. Join me please https://softcutie.blogspot.com

  2. I'll make sure to check out your videos soon! Good luck with it and don't let others bring you down :) This is something great you're doing!!
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa | bycharlotteluisa.com

    1. Thanks so much Charlotte!! I really appreciate your lovely comment! xx

  3. I've checked out some other bloggers and by far I liked you the most. The thinks you write are tbh really interesting. I also always wanted to create my own YouTube Channel, but I don't think I'll be able to do so. I'll make sure to check your YouTube Channel out! :)


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