NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Hello gorgeous! For a while now I've been using the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette pretty much every time I wear makeup, and I love it! So today I thought it would be perfect to share why I like it, how I use it, and my favourite shades in the palette.

I personally like a subtle contour and highlight so that my makeup is still on the natural side. If you prefer a stronger contour you can easily achieve this as the pigmentation in this palette is incredible. However, if you're like me and prefer a softer look just go in lightly. Because of the smooth and creamy formula it is super easy to blend out. You can purchase this from Priceline for $39.95. For me, that's a bit pricey for a drugstore product so I would wait until Priceline has their 40% sale, but in saying that I would definitely repurchase this. 

The shades in this palette are all workable for my skin tone, though my favourite shades from the bottom row are Toffee (second from the left) and Hollow (first on the right). From the top row I definitely use Nectar (first on the right) the most, and sometimes I'll use Creme (the yellow shade, second from the right) under my eyes. (Edit: I recently began using the top left shade 'Ice Queen' for highlight and I am obsessed with it. The finish is so flattering and doesn't look glittery. It looks like my skin but with a lovely glow.)

I love to use this for both a soft everyday look as well as a slightly more intense evening look. I don't find the formula to be at all chalky or have any fallout. Packaging wise, I don't have anything terrible to say, nor do I have anything amazing to say. It's sturdy enough and I like that you can see the shades through the clear top. I also really like that on the back it shows you what the shades are called.

Overall, I am impressed with this palette and would recommend it to you guys. Not going to lie, it was a bit of a splurge for me as I'm on a typical uni student budget. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!

I would also really like to know what commenting system you prefer. I've been tossing up between using Disqus and using the original blogger commenting system. I did sync up my comments to Disqus and I would love you to be able to get a notification to see my replies to your comments! Unfortunately, the commenting system I'm using now doesn't allow that, which means that you won't see my replies unless you come back and check for it. My only issue with Disqus is that when I sync it up, any existing comments on my blog aren't in the right order (not the biggest issue) but any replies to comments end up looking like they're just comments on their own and not a reply. If you have any advice on how to fix that, if that would be annoying for you, or which commenting system you prefer to comment with and which one you use on your blog, I would really appreciate it!

Enjoy the rest of your week! xo


Polaroid Styled Photos | With PRINTIKI

Hello gorgeous! Since forever, I've just loved to design and redecorate my bedroom. Another reason why I enjoyed moving so much growing up, I got to redo my room completely differently. My favourite decorative element has always photographs. Not only are they nice to show, but they also evoke different memories. Once again I was in the process of changing a few things in my room and the first thing I wanted to do was to bring more photos into my space. So when the lovely company Printiki contacted me I was more than happy to try out their services. Printiki is a photo printing company located in Amsterdam but they ship worldwide!

With Printiki you can print directly from your desktop or phone, choosing your images from Facebook, Instagram or camera roll. They have several style options such as 'traditional 4 x 6 size, polaroid style, and if you like you can even add captions to your images! There's also poster options and photo books. I decided to go with the polaroid style with a white border. I chose and ordered my images and received them so quickly. I actually really like how the images turned out, the polaroid style is super cute! I've been browsing Priniki's Instagram and I just can't decide what I want to do with them, there are so many ideas. Before I got them I was sure I would be sticking them up on my wall, then I thought these would be perfect for scrapbooking, after that, I thought it would look awesome if I bought those cute mini pegs and hung them up on string like they do in those Pinterest photos. Now I'm back to sticking them on the wall. Either way, they look great, my younger sister even asked me where I got these photos from because she fell in love with the whole polaroid theme. 

If you've been looking for somewhere to print images I would definitely recommend Printiki. I haven't tried larger prints though so I don't know how they would turn out, but these polaroid (I feel like I've said polaroid too many times) styled photos are just awesome!

Use this code and get free shipping! AU9MSKH7 

Printiki on Instagram - check out their Instagram page, they have so many ideas and inspiration in there!

Starting University || Studying Interior Design

Hello hello, hope you've had a nice day so far. It's been a little while since my last post and I've been itching to write on my blog again. A few exciting things have happened in my life such as me starting uni! I graduated high school in November last year (which I posted about here) and as of February 27th, I was officially a uni student. So far university has been good overall, minus a few stressful moments right before deadlines. 

The course I'm doing is a Bachelor of Interior Design Honours. What I've learned really quickly is that design is an extremely time consuming subject. It doesn't matter how much work I do, it just seems to be never-ending until I actually submit the assignment. But I am really enjoying my course (mostly) anyways.

I honestly was not sure how I would cope with studying full-time and having NDPH but the university has been amazing with offering its students support. Although it's difficult, I don't think I've reached the worst part, not even close.

Also! I have a post coming really soon and I'm really excited to share it. It's a 'Snippets of My Bedroom' post, and because I love watching room tours and seeing other people's rooms I thought it would be really fun to share mine! If you have a room tour or blog post about your room feel free to leave the link in the comments, I'm always scrolling Pinterest, watching tours or reading blogs for inspiration. 

And last thing, if you like I would love it if you followed me on Instagram. I've had it on private for so long but decided it would be great to connect my blog and Instagram. Instagram is where I share even more about me and my daily life. My Instagram

Looking forward to reading your blogs (leave them in the comments if you like) and wish you a great week ahead!