Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist

I'm not usually a huge eyeshadow girl, if I even wear any it's generally just a wash of colour over the lid. I do have a few eyeshadow products but recently I've been wanting to purchase just one beautiful palette that I can use every day. For a while now I've been online and in stores checking out different eyeshadow palettes to see which one is right for me. At the moment I have a few on my list but I'll be narrowing it down to hopefully just one. If you own or have tried any of these I would absolutely love to know what you think of them. 

Personally, I like more neutral shades, though I also don't mind colours that are slightly burgundy. At the moment I have a couple of Essence single eyeshadows that aren't bad at all, and The Nudes by  Maybelline eyeshadow palette. This palette isn't bad, I like the shades in it but I do find them a bit difficult to blend and am sure that if I were to compare to other palettes I could find something nicer. 

So for this post, I've put together a few of the eyeshadow palettes that have definitely caught my attention. 

This eyeshadow palette has always been an item that I've found really pretty, but I just couldn't justify spending $69AU on makeup. As much as I enjoy makeup, I don't exactly allocate a huge budget for it. Recently though I've been looking at purchasing just one nice palette that is worth it. I adore the packaging on this one but more importantly, I think the colour selection is just beautiful. I also like the original Tartelette but I've read mixed reviews on that one.

This one looks like the perfect everyday palette for me. I love using matte eyeshadows and rarely ever put any kind of shimmer on my eyes. However, I'm not opposed to the idea of trying out something new so shimmer isn't necessarily a definite no. But for those who have used this palette, I would love to know your thoughts on the quality. I've read great reviews for this one. This one is $65AU.

This mini eyeshadow palette seems to have a good selection of everyday shades. Neutral, matte and easy to travel with packaging are all great features for me personally. This palette is $52AU so the most affordable of the ones I've mentioned, though there is definitely a difference in the amount of product and shades. Personally, I don't mind too much.

The Lorac palettes are just gorgeous and if I'm entirely honest I would most likely have gone for one of these if I knew where to get them in Australia! I have no idea where to find these so they don't really count. BUT I thought I would include them anyway. 

I'd be super interested to hear your thoughts and experiences with any of these palettes, or if you have another eyeshadow product that you recommend definitely leave it in the comments! If you have a post on any eyeshadow palettes feel free to leave the link below too! xx

Elizabeth Arden ♡ Body Cream

Hey lovelies! It's been far too long since I last posted on my blog and oh my god have I missed it! I'm going to be honest and say that I have been putting my blog further and further down on my priority list since uni has been taking up so much of my time. I have been thinking over my decisions with uni and I may very well be writing a post on that in the near future. But instead of rambling on about that today, I will be sharing with you my all time favourite body cream. I have mentioned this Elizabeth Arden body cream on my blog before in my 2016 May Favourites. The first time I ever tried this was Christmas 2015 when my sisters and I each received a tub from our grandparents. Before trying this cream I absolutely hated applying moisturiser on my body because they were just too darn sticky. It's so humid where I live that I never really felt the need to use one anyway. BUT this product so quickly changed how I felt about moisturising my body. I did start using this when I was still in Norway, so my skin was much drier than usual and could definitely have used some nourishment. 

When I finished my first tub I couldn't find this product anywhere, at all. I did try some other body lotion type products but I just didn't like them as much as I enjoyed using this one. It was a few months before I discovered they sold them at Meyer. Unfortunately, they never had them in stock. But one day I saw that they had two tubs sitting on the counter, I honestly was so happy to see them in stock and ended up getting both, one for myself and I gave the other to my mum since she also loved it. It was $25 for a 500ml tub which I thought was awesome. I was expecting it to be a fair bit more pricey because it was that good. Of course expensive isn't always better, but it was cheaper than what I thought it would be (bonus for me!) 

The things that stand out to me about the Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream is the gorgeous scent and how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Firstly, the scent is so fresh and does linger on the skin but not overpoweringly. Secondly, the cream itself doesn't feel tacky at all once absorbed, and I find that it sinks in faster than most other body products I have tried. I have also tried the lotion version of this but the cream is so much nicer in my opinion. My skin just feels super smooth after using this, definitely a staple during the colder months even though I still use it during summer (not as much though). 

For future posts, I've been wanting to write about life related situations. I have lost a bit of motivation with a lot of things I used to enjoy including my course! I would be interested to know whether you guys would rather read beauty related posts, life (maybe questions, advice, decisions and other things) or a mix? I enjoy writing but I have felt a bit uninspired to write about makeup for a bit of time. I think maybe I've just had a long moment of disinterest but it's slowly coming back. I'd still like to branch out and write about different topics whilst still doing my 'usual' posts. 

Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to leave a link to your blogs as I enjoy reading them!