Four Things ♥︎ MASCARAS

Recently I've been feeling super motivated to write and share posts on my blog. The other day I was thinking about how fun it would be to start a little series on my blog. Nothing too drastic, but a little series that I know I would enjoy doing and wouldn't feel restricted with. I thought of the most simple series idea and I actually really like it. I don't think it's anything new and I'm sure there are plenty of posts with this sort of theme. But on my blog it is new and although I have read a lot of similar type posts, I haven't come across this EXACT series before. Either way, I think it's super simple and not restrictive, yet will motivate me to continue writing. This series is going to be titled 'Four Things' and will basically be consisting of four things that I want to share with you. I want to be able to write about almost anything, whether it is a beauty category, skincare, hair, lifestyle, books, music etc. How general or specific the categories are, totally depends on what makes the most sense with the products I want to talk about. Whether I liked them or not I thought it would be nice to share what worked/ didn't work for me and what I liked/ didn't like about them. For the first post in this 'series,' I thought I would do mascaras. I actually have eight mascaras in total so it fits perfectly into two parts.

CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom
I've actually had this mascara for a couple of years now so it's probably time to throw out. But honestly, I hadn't noticed any change in smell or texture until just recently. Just the texture has changed a little bit and now I find that it has started to get a few clumps. Easy enough to brush out though. However, before just recently, I really enjoyed the way this mascara looked. I do have to say that I am someone who much prefers natural looking lashes that are soft and feathery. I don't like lashes that are clumpy, spidery or anything that looks like fake lashes (on my own face). So the mascaras I like may not be the one for you if that's not what you're looking for in a mascara. My sister loves the fake lash look and likes to layer this one with other mascaras, her makeup looks gorgeous on her but I just don't like it on me. I generally use one coat of this and my lashes look darkened and defined. I already have black lashes but I feel like they're not as thick as they used to be a few years ago. I don't find this mascara to be too thickening but I still enjoy using this on very natural days.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion
This is my most recent mascara purchase, I've only been using this one for the last week or so. But I just love how naturally full my lashes look! I haven't experienced any clumping with this mascara yet. The formula is the perfect balance for my lashes, in that it's not too wet or too dry. This mascara defines and darkens my lashes, but also lengthens and gives it a nice 'boost.' I think 'fusion' is a very fitting name for this mascara. It also hasn't smudged or given me panda eyes throughout the day. Would highly recommend this one if you want your lashes to look naturally full.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash
Define-A-Lash really does define and lengthen just as it claims to. This one doesn't give my lashes a great deal of fullness, but I generally darken my lash line a little bit anyway to give the illusion of thicker lashes. Sometimes I feel like this mascara smudges a little bit, nothing drastic but after a long day I can notice it under my eyes. This one also tends to get onto my eyelids during application but it's no problem using a cutip to remove it. But if I've already applied eyeshadow then it is a little bit annoying. I'm just a bit more careful when applying this mascara.

Rimmel Wonder' Full
I decided to try this mascara after reading about it on Sally's blog. I am actually in love with this mascara, it seriously darkens and lengthens my lashes. I've never experienced any clumping with this one either. This Rimmel Wonder'full mascara also makes my lashes look thicker and fuller so when I want a more 'intense' look I reach for this one. But I still use this as an everyday mascara. Again, if you like mascaras that provide the fake lash look, this may not be as intense as you would like it to be. Although in saying that, different eyeshadow looks can totally up the intensity!

These are the first four mascaras that I have in my collection and my favourite. Also! All these mascaras I mentioned in this post are not waterproof and remove super easily. Even though I like these ones I can see why they may not be for everyone. They are buildable but I like to use one coat. Soft, full and natural lashes are what I look for in mascaras.

What do you usually look for in mascaras? Have you tried any of these ones? And what are your favourites?


Blogs and Channels I Love ❤︎

Hello lovely and welcome to today's post! I personally love reading posts where people share a list of their favourite accounts, whether it is a blog, Instagram, YoutTube channel etc. This is a type of post that I definitely see myself doing more of in the future on my own blog. I like that these can be categorised in different ways, such as your 'favourite accounts right at this moment,' or 'your favourite accounts of all time,' or categorised by topic even. For example, I particularly like when people share their favourite accounts related to skincare, or maybe haircare. So for my post today, I am sharing my favourite blogs and channels that I have been following for a long time and have been continuously loving.

The Makeup Directory
This has been one of my favourite blogs to read for the longest time. Sally has an engaging style of writing that I always enjoy reading. I've adored her photography style from the beginning, as it's always different whilst still following the lovely theme she has running throughout her blog. Sally is always lovely and engages with her readers, which is something I think every reader appreciates. Her blog has just recently had a makeover and I love the fresh look!

Sarah's Day
Sarah from Sarah's day is my all time favourite health and fitness YouTuber. I just love how sweet and down to earth she is in her videos. I first discovered her channel when I was looking for advice on how to get rid of my acne. Sarah has a lot of videos on how she managed to clear up her acne that are really in-depth and educational. Her videos are very informative and fun to watch. She also has plenty of videos dedicated to workouts whether they're at home fat-burners, gym combinations, outdoor workouts and so many other types. I also really enjoy watching her daily vlogs where she shares her day to day life. She is one of my most watched YouTubers because I genuinely feel like she has a lovely personality. Not only that, but she doesn't push her particular lifestyle on everyone else, she shares things that work for her and things that don't. She's the type of person I would love to be friends with. I don't feel like I can describe her channel the way I want to but it's my favourite! Sarah's Instagram stories are also fun to watch!

One of my favourite beauty YouTubers throughout high school and still continues to be today. Kathleen (which I'm sure most of you know) has an amazing beauty channel where she films plenty of makeup tutorials, product reviews, skincare/ haircare routines, and a couple of personal videos as well. I really like watching her KatChat's videos too! Again, I love Kathleen because she seems like she would be such a lovely person and someone I personally can relate to really well. I very often play her videos when I'm working on assignments because her voice is pleasant to listen to and she's also got a very funny personality. Her videos with JessiSmiles (who I also really like) are just hilarious!

Now Jessica is a YouTuber that I have been following for almost seven years. I subscribed to her channel when her username was still GabeandJesss. She uploads vlogs on her channel almost daily where she shares her day to day life with seven children. I watched her videos when she was pregnant with her first daughter when she was seventeen (may have been eighteen) and I just love how kind and open-minded she is. Her kids are just so darn cute and well-behaved. I definitely look up to her parenting style and it's how I would like to be as a parent one day. She is now twenty-five, married and still best friends with her high school sweetheart (dad of her eldest daughter). In fact, her current husband Chris, and her high school boyfriend Gabe are best buds! I just love their entire family dynamic, everyone is friends and gets along.

Kendall Rae
Kendall I discovered in early/ mid-2017 and her channel is the place I go to for crime videos and conspiracy theories. What I love about Kendall is that she takes her crime videos very seriously and uses her platform to raise awareness about different cases, especially missing person cases. She has raised a huge amount of money for Thorn, which is an organisation that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse and sex trafficking (definitely check it out). Kendall's conspiracy theories are also told in a way that is actually so intriguing you start to think it very well might be true. I do feel like she is very honest and open about those. Kendall strikes me as super open-minded and well aware of the world's happenings as well as the psychology of people.

The Happy Sloths
This is where I go if I'm looking for a product review with honest opinions and no fluff. I've been reading Jasmine's blog before I even thought about starting my own. If there's a product you want to read about, Jasmine has probably already reviewed it on her blog. If there's something specific I'm looking for I generally just search it up on her blog and there it is!

Little Productive Things of Today...

This morning I woke up feeling more productive than usual so I decided it would be a good day to get a few things done. None of these are too drastic, they're all simple and easy to do but sometimes they're things that I might put off until I just have to do it. At the end of the day, I always feel much better after having ticked these things off on my to-do list. Here are a few small things I did today that made me feel a little more productive.

Do my load of laundry.
I've been doing my own laundry since I was about thirteen, mainly because my sister kept taking my clothes and I absolutely hated that. It didn't necessarily solve the problem completely, but it helped a little bit. Because I do my own laundry, I find it difficult to fill a full load without using up almost my entire wardrobe. I generally decide to do a load when I'm running low on underwear (I always have to have clean underwear). It's also a bit annoying having to wait for the laundry to be empty because there always seems to be a load on. But I love when I have my clothes back in my wardrobe all fresh and clean! 

Fresh Bedsheets.
Ahh, the best feeling in the world... clean, fresh bedsheets. I like to change my sheets at least every week, though sometimes I go two weeks. This morning I had a shower, made myself some toast and tea, applied my lovely face mask from Frank Body, and put on some fresh bedsheets. I was already feeling more productive at this point.

Sort Out University Course.
This is the one thing that was actually quite important and I kept putting off. Because I am a full-time uni student I am eligible for Youth Allowance. However, because I switched courses from design to justice I had to update the information otherwise I wouldn't be able to receive the allowance. I had tried to do it online but there were too many issues. I kept putting off actually going into the office because it takes such a long time. So today, I decided to just go in and make sure everything was updated and all information was correct. Now that is all done and out of the way!

Clean Makeup Brushes.
I'm generally pretty good when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. Especially any brush or sponge that I've used a liquid foundation with. I do tend to go a couple of uses without cleaning when I use a powder product or eyeshadow. But every couple of weeks I will deep clean all of my brushes even the ones I haven't used because they collect dust and I don't want to be putting that on my face. Because I have skin that is very prone to acne (it's actually cleared up a bit in the last week so I will be doing an update on how, and if, cutting out dairy affects my skin), I do like to try and do everything I can to avoid triggering it. So clean makeup brushes is a must.

Write a Blog Post.
When I write a blog post I always feel a bit more accomplished, and here I am writing a blog post about the little things I did today that made me feel more productive. 

Go to the Gym.
Okay, so I haven't gone just yet. BUT I am ready to go, as I type this I've already changed into my gym clothes and have everything ready so I know I will definitely be going!

Alright, so those were some small productive things I did today. I find that laundry, fresh sheets and going to the gym are the first things that come to mind when I need to do something. What are some things you do to feel a bit more productive? I'd love to know!


My Goals for 2018 ♡

For the past week, I've been reading so many blog posts about new years resolutions, changes for 2018, and anything relating to goals for this year. There's something about reading what other people would like to achieve or what they're working towards that is motivating to me. I hadn't planned on writing one myself mainly because I wasn't entirely sure what my personal goals were going to be. Most of the things that I would like to work towards are the same as what I set for myself last year and for the most part, I am happy with how it has been going. So this year is more like a continuation with some adjustments based on what I have learned works for me. In saying that there are a few small things that I am definitely changing this year even though I already started some a bit before Christmas. 

Better lifestyle - I see this almost everywhere and I think it's a great goal to set for yourself. In my mind, I don't think there's a specific lifestyle that everyone has to follow. It totally depends on how you would like to live and what makes you feel good. I know there are some lifestyles that are simply not realistic or maintainable for me. I enjoy eating a balanced diet and doing some kind of physical activity daily. Throughout primary and high school I did dance three times a week (as a subject in school) and then I did martial arts training three times a week as well. Over a year ago I stopped training though it wasn't my decision. Because I was finished high school I also no longer did dance so I wanted to do something that was physical. I ended up signing up for a gym membership with my mum and I generally go three to six times a week. Sometimes I like to do a class such as strength or body balance, just depends on what I feel like. I also enjoy exploring waterholes or forests if I don't feel like going to the gym. 

As for what I eat, I don't follow a set diet. I will say that I significantly reduced my sugar and fast food intake a couple of years ago. I also rarely, if ever, drink soda. However, I also don't have too much restriction on myself. If I feel like eating a cupcake or a small hamburger I will and I no longer feel bad about it. The reason being is that I don't eat those things very often at all. Rather than having the mindset of 'I want it but can't have it,' I think 'I can have it but I don't want it.' I was thinking of maybe doing a post on my favourite snacks or posts a little bit food related if anyone would be interested in that?

Clearing up my skin - Now this is something I have seriously struggled with for the past few years. I honestly don't remember when I first started getting pimples, but I clearly recall when I had the worst acne breakout over my entire forehead and chin back in grade 11 (the year 2015). Although my skin wasn't perfectly clear, it wasn't until grade 11 that I started breaking out really bad. I had those painful under the skin pimples that just didn't seem to go away. Listing everything I did to try and clear that up would be far too long to write about in this post, but if that's something you would be interested in reading please let me know in the comments. I tried going gluten free and that wasn't great for me. Now just recently I've decided to cut out dairy and see how that goes. So far it's been better than expected. I have fewer breakouts but a lot of scarring. Hoping it isn't just a good week because I've had a couple of those, which left me disappointed. 

Cutting out coffee - For me, this is something I never thought I would do. Ever. I've been drinking coffee for years. In high school and uni I would drink up to five coffees in a day and that probably isn't all that great for you. It wasn't always five, sometimes just one or two. If I'm honest the only reason I'm cutting out coffee is that I'm cutting out dairy. I have tried coffee with almond milk and soy and I just do not like the taste at all. I love having tea with almond milk, but coffee... not so much. Coffee was pretty much the only reason I haven't properly tried cutting out dairy previously. I am a little bit proud of myself though as I haven't had a single coffee since before Christmas. It actually isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. My new drink is an earl grey with almond milk. Too expensive to buy at a cafe though so I only drink it at home, which is saving me a bit of money!

More engagement with fellow bloggers and readers - This is something that I am really looking forward to achieving. I'm always reading my favourite blogs and discovering new ones. Even though I may have a large gap between posting on my own blog, I am still reading others and engaging with them. On my blog, I feel like even though I reply to every comment the level of engagement is not where I'd like it to be. One of the main reasons is because when I reply to your comments, you don't get a notification. Meaning that unless you check back you won't know that I replied. I personally tend to return much more frequently on blogs that engage with their readers and reply to comments (of course if you have an insane amount of comments I completely understand why you can't reply to every single one of them). But engagement is a very important part of blogging for me and also the most enjoyable because it feels more like a friendly community. I like to use Twitter and Bloglovin to keep up with blogs. Twitter is better to engage though!

Overall, I think I just want to work towards a better me. It's crazy how much a single year can change you. It's not that I'm a completely different person, but I definitely feel like I have grown and am more confident that I was even just a couple of years ago. The best advice I gave myself was to think about where I put my energy. My list isn't too long, but I feel I've decided on a few things that are definitely achievable for myself. 

What are some things you are working towards? Whether it's a New Years resolution or something else I'd love to know!