Four Things ♥︎ All About Hair

A new post in my Four Things series, this one is all about hair! Generally, my haircare routine is pretty simple; shampoo, condition then air dry. I have been trying out other products but to be honest, I haven't found a lot of hair products that have blown me away. There has been some that I've liked, some that I didn't, and some that I felt neutral on. Before I share my thoughts on these four hair products, I'll briefly talk about my hair type as everybody is different and things don't always work the same for everyone. So I am pretty lucky when it comes to hair because it is soft, grows out quickly and doesn't require much to get that way (this is great for my head hair but means I have to shave my legs all the time!) I do however struggle a bit with frizz and flyaways. The humidity here in Australia can get intense sometimes and my hair does not seem to like it. I can get oily roots and slightly dry ends but nothing too dramatic.

TRESemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray
This is a product that I've been using for years. It was the heat protectant that so many YouTubers were talking about and because it was super affordable I decided to pick it up. I used to straighten my hair every now and then but I rarely use heat on my hair now. Whenever I do though I always use this heat protectant. The spray nozzle is great, it doesn't have an awkward amount or pressure (have you ever tried something that sprays really awkwardly?) so it is easy to get a nice application. The scent is pleasant too so that's a bonus!

Not Your Mother's She's a Tease Volumising Hair Spray
I purchased this in search for a hairspray that would help with the flyaways on the top of my head. The packaging is pretty and sturdy. The nozzle has a good spray application as well. BUT, I really dislike the scent of this. It claims to be infused with natural apple blossom and bamboo, so I was expecting a lovely fresh scent (of course with a hint of that typical hairspray smell) but after spraying it in my hair I got a whiff of fermented fruit. I have continued to use this spray because I didn't want the money to be a complete waste, and the scent could be worked around if I sprayed it in a brush first then used that to brush down the flyaways. Then I spray something else in my hair such as my SunBum leave-in treatment or my new John Frieda leave-in conditioner to make sure my hair smells nice and not like the hairspray itself. I wouldn't repurchase but I am making it work.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry
I have tried a few different dry shampoos and am yet to find one that I love. I didn't hate this one by any means, it's probably the best one I have used. The scent is lovely too! But I don't love it because it doesn't really fix my oily roots as much as I'd like it to. I personally prefer to wash my hair, and I do so almost every night. I know you're not supposed to according to the haircare rules, but this is what works best for me at the moment. Because I workout most days I also sweat and I don't like the thought of having a sweaty scalp. Of course, you do not have to wash your hair that much, even if you sweat. Everyone has their own way of dealing with that but mine is to simply wash my hair. Sometimes I try to go two days without washing my hair, sometimes three. Honestly, day three is totally fine, but it's dealing with day two that I cannot stand. Anyone else get frustrated with day two hair? Because washing my hair every day is a bit drying, I like to wash it every one and a half days. For me, that's the perfect amount. I have been reading some posts with tips on how to wash your hair less frequently if you're one who is a daily washer and they've been useful.

Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme
A BB creme for hair that claims to moisturise, detangle, defrizz and more. I purchased this in hopes of being able to tame the frizz in my hair. To apply, I use one or two pumps in my hands then just comb it through the mids and ends of my hair. It can be applied both when your hair is damp or dry, but personally, I prefer using this when my hair is about 70% dry. This is a nice product to add a bit of softness to your hair, it also smells lovely and gives a nice shine. It's not a miracle worker but I do enjoy using this. I've almost used it all up and although I do like it, I will probably try some other products before repurchasing it as I'm still looking for something that will REALLY help with frizz.

Let me know if you've tried any of these and what your holy grail hair products are!


Sally Hansen Color Therapy | Blushed Petal

I feel like it's been such a long time since I last posted about a nail polish. Even though I recently did a nail polish declutter, I haven't actually sat down and talked about an individual nail polish like I used to do on my blog. When I first started blogging, nail polish posts were some of my favourites to both read and write about. So, I thought it would be fun to share with you the current nail polish I'm wearing, and that's the Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish in the shade Blushed Petal.

I picked up this nail polish in Priceline sometime last year when I was looking for something more neutral to wear. My first impressions on this nail polish were that I liked the wide brush and the colour was pretty. After applying one coat, I was a little surprised as to how sheer it actually looked. Applying the second coat was underwhelming as you could still see my nail underneath and I wasn't necessarily wanting a sheer nail polish, just a neutral one. BUT, turns out I actually like how it looks with one or two coats. It's the perfect 'my nails but better' shade, my nails look fresh, healthy and slightly glossy. Sometimes I wear one or two coats if I want that kind of look, and if I want a more opaque finish I add a third coat and I love how it looks. Three coats can be a hassle with some nail polishes, but I don't struggle at all with this one. I find that the formula dries fairly quick if you do three thin coats, and by the third coat you can't see the nail underneath unless you seriously inspect it.

The colour itself is a lovely soft salmon pink. I couldn't quite capture the true colour of the polish in the images. It looks more orange toned in the photos, but in real like the polish is actually more on the pink side whilst still being fairly neutral. This is what I reach for when I feel like keeping it simple but fresh and put together.

The Color Therapy range is formulated with argan oil, which is supposed to improve your natural nails with regular wear. Personally, I didn't notice any drastic improvement from wearing this nail polish. (But something that seriously improved the strength and overall health of my nails was these vitamins, no difference in hair or skin but my nails actually improved greatly!)

Generally, I can get about a week of wear from this nail polish without any chipping. However, after a few days if I look closely it seems like the nail polish kind of starts to fade on the tips. This is without a base or top coat. What I like about this particular polish is that when it begins to chip or look a bit worn, it's not so noticeable, compared to when I wear a deeper shade or something with more colour.

Overall, I really enjoy wearing this nail polish on a regular basis. Even though when I first tried it I was underwhelmed, turned out I liked having a nail polish like this.


Fitness and Lifestyle Favourites

Hello lovely! Today I am sharing my fitness and lifestyle favourites, which I do not believe I have done before on my blog. I've always kept it mostly about beauty and skincare with a few lifestyle posts. But I want to start doing more health and fitness related posts as well because it's something I enjoy doing on a daily basis in my everyday life. I'm not a professional but I like trying out new things and seeing what works for me. In this post, I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite things in relation to fitness and lifestyle!

Cotton On Crop Bra
I'll be very honest and say that I am much more motivated to workout when I have gym wear that is both comfortable and cute. This sports bra from Cotton On is my favourite one out of my entire wardrobe. I really like the colouring and pattern on it! It's also super comfortable to wear and sits well on me. My sister doesn't like to wear these types of sports bras because she has a larger bust and says that she needs more support. For me, however, because I literally have the smallest bust ever I find these fit perfectly. They also have removable cups so they are easy to wash, just throw them straight in the laundry. There is no underwire in these either so there's no uncomfortable poking anywhere. I couldn't find this exact one online but I still linked their other crop bras!

Rockwear Tights
Okay, so up until the beginning of last year I never understood why people would spend so much money on gym clothes. Every time I looked at the prices at Lorna Jane or Rockwear I thought the prices were just ridiculous. But the more into fitness I got, the more I started buying gym clothes. I used to wear the Kmart and Big W tights. I think they're fine, nothing wrong with them at all. But then I tried the Cotton On tights and they felt much nicer to wear. They were also a bit cuter in my opinion. The prices are obviously more than Kmart and Big W but I thought they were still affordable and nicer to wear. Then towards the middle-end of last year, I bought a pair of Rockwear tights on sale for $40 and oh my goodness there was such a difference in quality! I have since started purchasing my tights from Rockwear, they don't have loose spots that kind of sit weird and they are definitely squat proof (of course I wear black underwear every time just incase.) The material is so much nicer and now I can see why some people spend a little more of gym wear. Rockwear very often has sales and I just recently purchased two tops there that I also love. I still think $80 for a pair of tights is too much, but when they're $40 I've decided that I am okay with paying that price. That might be expensive for some people and super cheap for others. I think it totally depends on where you personally want to spend your money, and that is different for everyone, which is okay! I still shop at Cotton On because I like their gym clothes and they're not overly pricey at all.

Tropeaka Powders
I discovered Tropeaka through one of my favourite YouTubers, Sarah's Day, who I mentioned in my 'Blogs and Channels I Love' post. I used her code (check out her description box below her recent videos to find it, wasn't sure if I could share it here or not) to get %15 off. They also have free shipping in Australia for orders over $45. But they do ship worldwide too! I purchased the Vanilla Lean protein and the Cacao powder. My favourite is the Vanilla Lean protein but I add a teaspoon or less of the Cacao powder if I feel like something a bit more chocolatey. I wasn't sure what to expect with these powders because even though I trust what Sarah says, everyone is different and won't like the same things. But I actually liked these better than I thought I would. These are by the way sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free! There are more things to this list but it's different for each powder, the main things for me are that they're free of dairy and sugar. The Vanilla Lean is also a pea protein, not whey so that may be better to digest for a lot of people, including myself. I'll be sharing some of my favourite recipes soon and I'll probably do a more detailed post (maybe)! They also sent me a 15% discount code for my next purchase, which was super nice!

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Now, this is not fitness related but it is lifestyle related. I mentioned this book in my 'University Thoughts & November Goals' post, but I never updated on how my goals went! Reading a novel (which happened to be this one) was a goal of mine because I hadn't read a book in such a long time. I finished this ages ago but I still want to include it because I absolutely loved it. I've always enjoyed reading crime novels and this psychological thriller was incredibly difficult to put down.

I don't feel like I am great at explaining stories so I won't really go into the plot. But to put it briefly, the story of Dark Places is a very complex mystery that had me hooked. There are so many times where I thought I had solved it before the character does, but just when I thought I had it, another turn is revealed. There are so many twists in the storyline and at the end of the story, my mind didn't know what to think. I knew that the book was amazing, but I just didn't know what to think next if that makes sense. In the beginning, I actually didn't like the main character, she was mean, violent and selfish. But throughout the book, I came to understand her, not necessarily agree with her but I understood her mind.

I really enjoyed writing about something a bit different on my blog and definitely plan on continuing to share more posts related to this kind of lifestyle in the future. Of course, I'll still be writing about beauty and skincare because I love that too! What are your recent lifestyle favourites?


Four Things ❤︎ MASCARAS Part 2

Hello and welcome to the second post in my Four Things series. Today's post is a continuation of the first post in this series, but the next ones will be about something completely new. Because I own eight mascaras in total I thought that it would be nice to split them into two parts. If you haven't already, make sure to check out Four Things: Mascaras part one.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft
Maybelline's Full 'N Soft mascara was a favourite of mine for the longest time. I first tried this a bit over a year ago and I just loved how my lashes were darker and fuller, but still soft just like the product claims. This mascara did tend to smudge on me towards the end of the day but not terribly. It was easy to just wipe a little under my eyes to remove it, but of course, it would have been better if I didn't have to do that at all. It is a very natural mascara that gives soft and feathery lashes, but I wouldn't recommend it to those who prefer a more intense and dramatic look. Although I used to really like this, I haven't been reaching for it much recently.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof
I purchased this after really liking the non-waterproof version in hopes that it wouldn't smudge as much. I found that it did smudge less, but still wasn't smudge proof. I still much prefer how the original applies to my lashes. The non-waterproof one is thicker and is not as natural looking (a better option for those who like less natural mascaras, but still not dramatic). The formula dried a bit odd and even though it wasn't noticeable if I looked close up my lashes would have a SLIGHT spidery leg look. I still use this but it's not the first mascara I reach for.

Maybelline One by One
This was my favourite mascara up until it was discontinued (that's when I switched to the Full N' Soft mascara). The rubber wand shape together with the formula worked really well with my lashes. I like the intensity that this mascara gives because it is very black and makes it seem like you have naturally intense lashes. I found the same mascara a couple of years later in a waterproof version (pictured) and it seems very similar but because it's supposedly still discontinued, I'm not sure if it's authentic or not. The waterproof one I have currently is very difficult to remove so I rarely reach for this. I personally prefer non-waterproof mascara but that's just me.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Smoky Eyes
Honestly, the only reason I bought this mascara is because I accidentally forgot to bring one with me when I went to a friends house to get ready to go out. I don't like to share eye makeup so I just quickly stopped by the chemist and picked up the one on sale, which happened to be the Colossal Volume Express from Maybelline. I doubt I would have picked this up any other time, but I actually ended up liking it. Not so much that I'd repurchase it anytime soon, but enough to continue wearing it every now and then. I found the formula to be on the slightly drier side, but not in a bad way.

And that brings us to the end of this post. Please keep in mind that I love lashes that look naturally full. I did mentioned this in part one as well, but thought I'd mention it again. If you love the fake lash look then some of these may layer well but because I don't do that I cannot say for sure. If you look for the same thing as I do in mascaras then you may like these, or even more so the ones I mention in part one. Have you tried any of these?