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I feel like it's been such a long time since I last posted about a nail polish. Even though I recently did a nail polish declutter, I haven't actually sat down and talked about an individual nail polish like I used to do on my blog. When I first started blogging, nail polish posts were some of my favourites to both read and write about. So, I thought it would be fun to share with you the current nail polish I'm wearing, and that's the Sally Hansen Color Therapy polish in the shade Blushed Petal.

I picked up this nail polish in Priceline sometime last year when I was looking for something more neutral to wear. My first impressions on this nail polish were that I liked the wide brush and the colour was pretty. After applying one coat, I was a little surprised as to how sheer it actually looked. Applying the second coat was underwhelming as you could still see my nail underneath and I wasn't necessarily wanting a sheer nail polish, just a neutral one. BUT, turns out I actually like how it looks with one or two coats. It's the perfect 'my nails but better' shade, my nails look fresh, healthy and slightly glossy. Sometimes I wear one or two coats if I want that kind of look, and if I want a more opaque finish I add a third coat and I love how it looks. Three coats can be a hassle with some nail polishes, but I don't struggle at all with this one. I find that the formula dries fairly quick if you do three thin coats, and by the third coat you can't see the nail underneath unless you seriously inspect it.

The colour itself is a lovely soft salmon pink. I couldn't quite capture the true colour of the polish in the images. It looks more orange toned in the photos, but in real like the polish is actually more on the pink side whilst still being fairly neutral. This is what I reach for when I feel like keeping it simple but fresh and put together.

The Color Therapy range is formulated with argan oil, which is supposed to improve your natural nails with regular wear. Personally, I didn't notice any drastic improvement from wearing this nail polish. (But something that seriously improved the strength and overall health of my nails was these vitamins, no difference in hair or skin but my nails actually improved greatly!)

Generally, I can get about a week of wear from this nail polish without any chipping. However, after a few days if I look closely it seems like the nail polish kind of starts to fade on the tips. This is without a base or top coat. What I like about this particular polish is that when it begins to chip or look a bit worn, it's not so noticeable, compared to when I wear a deeper shade or something with more colour.

Overall, I really enjoy wearing this nail polish on a regular basis. Even though when I first tried it I was underwhelmed, turned out I liked having a nail polish like this.


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