The Blushing Notes Project & Free Digital Notebook!

Hello and welcome to my little space online! I just recently shared a post about losing motivation and getting it back, where I promised that my next post would be sharing a free digital download for my blog readers. And that is exactly what I'll be doing at the end of this post. 

Late last year I got into digital planning and notetaking. I've found it to be of great use for me, especially at uni. I'm someone who likes to handwrite my notes instead of type but I found that I was using so much paper. Switching to digital notetaking has been the best move I did for uni. Although I love using digital notebooks, my favourite thing is actually creating them! So that's the main point of my post today, to share with you my new project of digital planning. I already shared a few digital products on my blog a few months ago but when I started that little corner on Etsy I didn't really know what I was doing and wanted to do a whole rebrand. 

So my new project is called The Blushing Notes. You can follow me on Instagram at theblushingnotes for pretty digital products as well as study notes, and also find me on Etsy

And now for the exciting freebie, I have created a free digital notebook in blush. Before you download it's important you understand that this is a free template to use on the app GoodNotes. The download does NOT include the app itself. I recommend you download the notebook on a laptop then import it onto your ipad (I usually either airdrop it of email it to myself). Get your free Blush Digital Notebook here.

Losing Motivation and Trying to Get it Back

Hello and welcome to my little space online! For a long time now I've been feeling a little bit lost and unmotivated with my blog. Several of my last posts were written during bursts of motivation, which were few and far between. There have been so many times where I've written out a list of blog post ideas, started writing or photographing for fresh content. However, I found that I just didn't have the energy to actually commit to my ideas. I've been very focused on trying to balance work, uni and enjoying a healthy and happy life. I've noticed that since dealing with chronic pain, all my energy has gone into getting myself through each day doing things I need to get done (work and uni), and then trying to build enough energy to socialise as well. This means that I often don't have much energy left for things I used to really enjoy such as reading, writing, being creative whether it is filming or photographing. Once again, I have been trying to force myself to do things I used to enjoy including blogging. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like people don't blog anymore, at least not in the same way. My absolute favourite thing about blogging was the community and engaging with different bloggers and readers.

When I first began my blog back in 2014, I focused the majority of my content on beauty related topics ranging from hair to makeup to skincare. I then began incorporating some more lifestyle related content, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing. In 2015 I developed a condition called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) and I decided to share my journey of that on this blog. Unfortunately, I'm still living with NDPH and it definitely has a huge impact on my life. I have accepted that I will probably live with this for the rest of my life unless a treatment or cure comes out, but at the moment I'm focused to learning how to live a healthy and happy life alongside chronic pain. 

BUT, I am always craving a creative outlet, and for me, it has generally been through my blog. Another hobby I picked up this year was digital planning and notetaking. I did share a couple of posts about it on my blog and I think I'll start sharing more. My next post will be a free digital notebook to use on the app Goodnotes that you can download. I'm super excited to share it with you! 

I'm very keen to get back into blogging so if you have your own blog or a blog you love to read please leave the link in the comment section. I'd also love to know what your favourite types of posts to read are and your least favourites! Some of my interests include skincare, body care, organising/ decluttering, personality types, amongst a few other things.