About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm Sophie and this is my little blog where I share my everyday thoughts as well as photography, beauty, design, travel and lifestyle! I'm also a full-time university student and will begin my new course (Bachelor of Justice) in 2018.

I am a teen blogger based in Australia, though I'm originally Norwegian and Swiss.

I've always loved reading, writing and taking photos. So starting my own blog seemed perfect! I made a small blog quite a few years ago called Sophie Isabella, I liked it but I didn't love it because I didn't really know what I wanted to write, how I wanted to write or how to use blogger. After a while I figured out what features I wanted to use, how to use them, and most importantly I found my own style. I decided to start fresh and created my current blog Cherries and Perfume. I spent a long time trying to come up with a name, which honestly I have no idea how I came up with and wish I'd thought of something better. I don't even like cherries all that much! But I know that I definitely love perfume and body mists! 

When I first started blogging I didn't take it too seriously. It was just a place where I shared a few photos and wrote about them every once in a while. After coming across all these different blogging communities, I decided that it was definitely something I wanted to do more and I began writing more frequently and more passionately. I love my blog and interacting with the very lovely small community here. I really enjoy discovering new blogs and reading about the people behind them, so feel free to leave your blog links when you comment. 

A little bit about me... 

 I was born in Oslo Norway and moved to Australia when I was six weeks old. Since then I've been forever moving. I've lived in Switzerland, Singapore and along the East Coast of Australia. I move homes all the time, I can't even remember how many I've lived in anymore! I love moving and currently we've been in the same house for almost two years (edit: almost 3 years now), which is longer than usual and my sisters and I are all twitching to move soon! 

❤ I love taking photos! I feel like I've always been a very visual person, very interested in photography and film. I remember my mum lending me her camera when I was little and since then I've never stopped taking photos. It took me some time to learn how to use the camera properly with the different settings and things, but now it's great to play around with them to get the photos I want!

❤ Adding on to photography, I absolutely love film! I've been studying film in school (high school) and it's my best and favourite subject. Filming and editing is something I enjoy a lot. 

❤ I'm a huge tea lover! I love coffee too but I definitely enjoy tea more (I actually never thought I would say that). 

❤ I've always liked interior design and architecture. I remember when I was young I was always fascinated by people's homes (weird, I know) but I was just always interested in the design aspect. I always change my room around and redecorate what I can, and then I dream about the things I can't actually do, like how I would change the walls, the layout etc. I don't really know if that made sense at all but hopefully it did!

❤ I love organising! Maybe I didn't organise as such when I was that little but it definitely started there. If I'm stressed or anxious, I either clean or work out. Or I just organise and make lists just for fun.

❤ I'm currently studying interior design full time at university. (Edit: switched courses and am now doing a Bachelor of Justice.)

❤ I'm living with a literal constant headache. You can read more about this here, Living With a Never-ending Headache.
❤  ❤  

I would greatly appreciate any feedback! A small comment truly makes my day! If you like it would be amazing if you followed!