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This is a personal blog where I share my own honest opinions. All images are mine unless stated. I purchase everything with my own money unless specifically stated.


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  2. Hey I just read your blog briefly but I instantly followed it! I love the layout and everything! I am new to blogging and looking for inspiration for mine! I would appreciate if you would look at my blog and maybe subscribe?
    It is still in the process tho! I would love to talk you can email me ( me if your interested in becoming blogging buddies! Good Luck :)

    1. Hi Brianna! Thank you so much! I reeeeally appreciate it and I would love to check out your blog! xx

  3. Aww thanks So much I followed you on Pinterest and sent you a message doc we can talk there!

  4. Hi there!
    Your blog is very beautiful.
    I wanted to invite you to contribute to an online magazine- The Pearls of Catharsis Times as we are need of fashion bloggers for the same. I am writing an email to you also with more details. Do get back to me for this.


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